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Custom Theme Options, Shortcodes, Slideshows, Audio Player, Slideshow, Drop Down Menu, Related Posts, Theme Options Panel, Numbered Pagination, Threaded Comments, Custom Widgets, jQuery, Testimonials, Slider



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Product Description

Artisan Creatif is the ideal, turn-key WordPress theme solution for creative professionals, design firms, agencies & studios.

Whether you’re an established photography studio or an up and coming artist, Artisan Creatif will answer your needs for a professional portfolio publishing platform. Born from our extensive knowledge and experience as a boutique design and development studio, this theme is expressly designed to successfully showcase and promote your work with elements such as a filterable portfolio, individual case studies and much more.

Hand crafted by the We Are Pixel8 team specifically for the versatile WordPress application, Artisan Creatif is the perfect means in which to show off your creative profile while providing users with a unique, effortless and enjoyable experience.

Shine on, You Crazy Diamond!

The backbone of Artisan Creatif is the ability to manage your portfolio in a way that is elegant, intuitive and does not veer away from the WordPress UI. Whether you work in a visual or audio medium, you can share your latest wares quickly, easily and efficiently. With Artisan Creatif, you can:

Add jQuery slideshows to the home page and portfolio case studies.
Embed videos to your portfolio case studies.
Stream audio with our custom designed HTML5 media player.

Simple Theme Options to get you up and running in two shakes of a lamb’s tail

Upload your own logo image
Choose between two color schemes or create your own in a child theme.
Set your home page and choose the content that fits you.

Additional Features

Three custom Portfolio page templates with jQuery filtering functionality (Grid, Two Column, One Column)
Use Tiny MCE Styles drop down for applying custom styles to your content. No shortcodes to remember!
Threaded comments with avatars
Editor Styles for post, pages and portfolio. No more guessing what the content will look like on your live site
Drop-down menu support, one level deep, for the main menu.
Six widget areas
Paginated archives
Five custom widgets
Localized and ready for translations with a .po and .mo file.

Download Package Includes

Parent theme and starter child theme
Well documented user guide PDF
PSD files

Customer Support

With every We Are Pixel8 theme purchase you receive free support at

Change Log

1.0 June 16, 2011

Initial Release

1.1 June 22, 2011

Fixed Twitter Feed widget.
Added option for featured portfolio slider.
Added option for portfolio carousel.
Added Portfolio Tags to Portfolio custom post type.

1.1.1 October 19, 2011

The theme now loads the local copy of jQuery.
Testimonials widget now accepts up to 5 testimonials.
Added granular controls to testimonials widget slider options. You can set the speed and timeout via the widget options.
Further optimized images for quicker page load times
Updated Options Framework to version 0.9
Removed Theme Update Notifier

1.1.2 January 5, 2012

Added audio capability to the portfolio.

1.1.3 February 8, 2012

Removed jQuery animation on Flickr and Recent Work widgets.
Implemented CSS Scale on Flickr and Recent Work widgets for hover events.
Updated Twitter widget allow the streaming of RT within a user’s timeline.
Updated Flickr widget to allow the streaming of Group Pools.
Added recommended plugins notifier.
Updated video player to an HTML5 player
Add video poster image for self hosted videos
Update language files
Update User Guide

2.0.0 December 22, 2012

Fixed a conflict between editor and custom meta boxes in WordPress 3.5
Changed textdomain name and updated language files
Updated Portfolio Help Tab content
Allow child themes to override add_image_size
Added transients to cache custom queries
Removed Date Completed for portfolio posts
Removed recommended plugins notifier
Improved sanitization of data saved and retrieved from the database
Optimized post thumbnail sizes to recrop to 1:1, 2:1 or 4:3
Removed support for Attachments plugin
Removed support for Cleaner Gallery plugin
Removed support for WP Page-Navi plugin
Added custom pagination solution
Updated jPlayer to version 2.2.0
Updated Contact Widget
Updated Twitter Widget
Updated Flickr Widget
Updated Case Studies Widget
Updated Testimonials Widget
Added avatars to comments
Updated all stylesheets
Updated User Guide

2.0.1 December 24, 2012

Updated theme options
Updated style.css file
Updated language files
Updated User Guide

2.0.2 January 9, 2013

Fixed the related posts query
Updated language files
Updated User Guide

2.0.3 February 25, 2013

Fixed Twitter link in contact widget

2.0.4 June 12, 2013

Removed Twitter Feed widget

Portfolio Credits

Our demo would not be possible without the gracious permission of the creatives who allowed us to display their work. Please note, per our agreement with these creatives, we will no longer be distributing a demo content XML file.

Steven Darby
Noah Lambert
Owen Davey
Alex Perez

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Popular Features

Custom Theme Options, Shortcodes, Slideshows, Audio Player, Slideshow, Drop Down Menu, Related Posts, Theme Options Panel, Numbered Pagination, Threaded Comments, Custom Widgets, jQuery, Testimonials, Slider



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