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Red, Tan, Unlimited Colors

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Post Format Support, Shortcodes, Social Icons, Contact Form, Documentation, Numbered Pagination, Lightbox, Google Analytics, Retina Display Ready



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About Textural

Textural is a minimalist WordPress theme for bloggers, artists or anyone else looking for a theme that lets their content shine.

With Textural, our goal was to create a beautiful theme that would give you just the right number of options while getting out of your way as much as possible.

Using WordPress’ inbuilt theme customizer tool, you can get Textural installed, change your accent colour and skin, upload your logo and link up all your social profiles… in less than 5 minutes.

Kind words

m_sjoberg78 said:

After a few months of using Textural I’m still deeply satisfied with the theme. My hats off to you!

buyingthemese said:

Bought it today. Probably the best blog-theme here on themeforest for people who want to expose their writing instead of pictures/movies. Thank you!

buyingthemese said:

Hey, so I got it uploaded – works brilliant. Love the post patterns like quote etc., social media icons and this beautiful stylish look. 5 stars. Very easy to learn and follow, and the customization options are endless (at least for me). Thank you guys!

fueldesign said:

Love the theme! So easy to setup and so clean looking!

MacJosetty said:

Ok! This Theme is really nice and with every version better. Thanks for the Support.

CaptSaltyJack said:

Wanted to say THANKS for creating a nice, simple theme. So many on ThemeForest are over the top. I just need something simple but beautiful. Keep up the good work!

What’s in the box

Support for every post format: standard, image, gallery, audio, video, quote, aside, status, chat Retina ready Fully responsive—scales down to mobile dimensions effortlessly Unlimited colours A child theme skeleton for easy CSS & layout changes Streamlined theme customization with the WordPress customizer FontAwesome icons Contact form styling ready—ContactForm7 comes bundled with the download Multilingual ready Full documentation Well supported

Note: Photos used in the demo site do not come with the purchased files.

Anything missing?

If Textural is missing that one killer feature you just can’t live without, tell us! If there’s something stopping you from choosing Textural, we would love to know so that we can improve the theme.

Just take a look at the change log below: Many of those changes have been in direct response to customer requests.


1.10 – June 13, 2013 Updated to latest version of TwitterOAuth for compatibility with Twitter API 1.1. 1.9 – April 16, 2013 Fixed problem with Google Analytics code. 1.8 – April 5, 2013 Added app.net social icons. Fixed incorrect social icons. Improved handling of Instagram API call failures. Improved mobile layout for archives page. Updated .po and .mo files with a few missing strings. 1.7 – March 30, 2013 Minor fix for FontAwesome issue in post editor. 1.6 – March 18, 2013 Minor fix for issue with italic text. 1.5 – March 4, 2013 Updated Twitter integration to account for changes to Twitter API. In order to display your latest tweets, you now have to create a Twitter application and add its credentials on the theme settings page. There are step by step instructions in the documentation explaining how to create a Twitter application and add the details to your site. See page 8. Added .po and .mo files. Fixed up internationalization issues. 1.4 – February 26, 2013 Fixed a bug in the gallery post format. 1.3 – February 25, 2013 Improved the video post format. Embedding a video is now a simple matter of posting video/url/goes/here at the start of the post. Fixed a bug which caused every audio player to start playing when you hit play on one. Thanks @danbush for reporting this one. Improved display of galleries inside posts. Thanks again to @danbush for picking up on this. Centre align featured images when they are less wide than full width. Thanks @moearora Removed unneeded files from child theme.

1.2 – February 18, 2013

AJAX pagination—thanks garethpauljones for the suggestion Added last.fm social button—thanks momworx for the suggestion Added Instagram & Flickr widgets and shortcodes Added archives template—thanks momworx for the suggestion Added retina logo upload field so that your logo will look great on retina screens as well as regular ones—thanks Improved lightbox styling Corrected center-alignment problem caused by last update

1.1 – February 13, 2013

Made the logo clickable (thanks momworx for the suggestion) Prevent image overflow when image in content is wider than 640px Fixed Twitter widget bug

1.0 – February 12, 2013

Initial release


The photos used in the demo are sourced from the Commons library on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/commons/ Social media icons by Zee Que @ Designbolts.com: http://www.designbolts.com/2012/09/16/free-hand-stitch-social-bookmarking-icons-set/ FontAwesome: http://fortawesome.github.com/Font-Awesome/ ContactForm7: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/contact-form-7/ Sharrre: http://sharrre.com/

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Red, Tan, Unlimited Colors

Popular Features

Post Format Support, Shortcodes, Social Icons, Contact Form, Documentation, Numbered Pagination, Lightbox, Google Analytics, Retina Display Ready



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