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Red, Tan

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Custom Theme Options, Post Format Support, Shortcodes, Drop Down Menu, Theme Options Panel, Documentation, Custom Widgets, Post Formats, Slider



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Sann: Timeline Oriented Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Welcome to Sann! Sann is a beautiful and minimalistic timeline oriented blogging theme .. like no other out there! Share your thoughts, photos, videos and everything else you’d like to share in a unique and beautiful way.

Timeline oriented and grid-based — The minimalistic and grid-based layout is built around a trendy timeline. Posts are stacked neatly creating a playfull and awesome overall feel.

Post formats — A good bunch of post-formats are supported for you to use and abuse: standard, link, quote, status, images, gallery, audio & video.

The look-and-feel of a couple of these post formats can be edited through the theme options! This way you can easiliy add your own touch! Pretty neat right?

All-about-the-blog — Sann is all about gettin’ your blog on!

Styles drop-down menu — Out with shortcodes and in with the styles drop-down menu! Styling your posts has never been this easy. See directly how your posts get styled in the Tiny MCE Editor while you’re publishing. No more messing around with complicated shortcodes and all the madness that comes a long with it. The styles drop-down menu supports: buttons, toggles, pull-quotes, alerts, columns, v- and x- lists and text-highlighting. Check out what you can do with the styles drop-down menu.

So what are you getting exactly when you purchase Sann? Here’s a couple of awesome features you get to go nuts with when you (read: reasons for you to) buy Sann:
Timeline oriented and grid based layout WordPress theme customizer support Beautiful minimal design Adaptive design (desktop and mobile) WordPress 3.4+ ready (including menu’s, featured images and post-formats that are supported since WordPress 3.1) Custom Theme options Custom (Google) fonts (for body, navigation and all H-tags) Custom accent colors (easily add your own touch!) Bunch of custom widgets (including a Twitter widget and a Social widget) Bunch of custom page templates (archives, full-width and contact) Full localisation support (.po/.mo files are included) Layered PSD files (for customisation purposes) Well documented (just incase) Demo XML-file included in download package Much more..

Update v2.0: April 10, 2013

All style related theme options have been moved to the theme customizer
Rewritten code for improved performance
Added support for nested drop-down menu’s
Replaced navigation for mobile devices
Drop-down biography title and description via theme options
Removed statistics from the subheader
Three individual widget areas for the widgetized area hidden underneath the header (instead of just one)
Added support for multiple heights in sliders
Removed slider in timeline view
Better responsive custom videos
Removed custom videos from timeline view
Improved post-meta
Adde post author to the post-meta (optional)
Added normal and twitter-like time ago time notation (optional)
Improved the “load more posts” button
Added scrolling to next available item upon clicking the “load more posts” button
Added “scroll-to-top” button when all items have been loaded
Added possibility for full width single posts
Improved comment mark-up
Added “load more posts” button to all archive pages and search overview
Fixed hover for comments icon

Update v1.4: Januari 11, 2013

Updated author bio drop-down (smoother transition)
Updated custom.js with cleaner code to improve performances
Added load more button to archive pages
Updated social widget with 500px, Deviantart, Instagram and Tumblr
Updated gallery post format (now supports featured image)
Updated gallery post format thumb navigation (now supports thumbs of one size only: 60px x 60px)

Update v1.34: December 28, 2012

Replaced Twitter widget with new one

Update v1.33: October 28, 2012

Fixed sticky posts
Fixed small issue with inserted images

Update v1.32: October 20, 2012

Added possibility to hide URL for posts with the link format
Added possibility to choose link target for posts with the link format

Update v1.31: October 9, 2012

Fixed non-closed div on closed comments for posts
Fixed WordPress/Vimeo social icon change-up

Update v1.3: October 3, 2012

Fixed custom css Fixed issue with custom video and post-indicators after page-load Fixed issue with missing space for previous post links in the page navigation on single pages Fixed issue with template-contact.php

Update v1.2: September 26, 2012

Theme options defaults added (to match theme preview) .mo/.po files added for translation Fixed issue with non-excisting file being loaded Featured image support for RSS feed Fixed issue with header on 404 page

Update v1.1: September 22, 2012

Fixed small theme options bug Updated documentation Fixed issue with multiple instances of jplayer Fixed margin issue with embedded video

September 20, 2012

Official Release

Work featured

Want your work featured in the theme preview? Shoot an e-mail this way, or contact me on Twitter.


In need of support? Feel free to shoot an e-mail this way. A support forum is coming real soon.

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Red, Tan

Popular Features

Custom Theme Options, Post Format Support, Shortcodes, Drop Down Menu, Theme Options Panel, Documentation, Custom Widgets, Post Formats, Slider



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