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? High quality icon font included – free added value
? Sass styles included – cutting edge technology right at your fingertips
? Fully responsive, retina ready, highend HTML5/CSS3
? Lifetime free updates – provided via CreativeMarket or email
? Free Theme related support http://rocksolidthemes.com/support-policy
? Free ‘HTML5 only’ template and .PSD included
? Demo data included – be running in minutes
? Easy install http://rocksolidthemes.com/documentation/wordpress/themes/eightytwenty

? Blazing fast to boost your SEO
? No bloated framework or options all over, just clean and lean templates
? Large or small this theme loves them all
? Offers great flexibility and variety for a wide range of projects
? Works with or without images and nearly every kind of background or color variation
? 100% clarity and focus on your content
? A well thought-out workhorse for professional web designers

Check out the live demo: http://demo.rocksolidthemes.com/wordpress/eightytwenty/cm

Eighty/Twenty is inspired by the Pareto principle, also called the 80/20 rule. The idea of 80/20 is that 80% of the results are achieved with 20% of our overall energy. By applying these ideas to the theme we came up with a really smart composition. The simple yet elegant design offers you ultimate flexibility. It works with or without images and nearly any kind of color or background variation. Unlimited possibilities packed into a single theme. Make it yours!

# Details

*Simply RockSolid* – the name says it all. HTML5 and CSS3 code that will meet the highest expectations. No bloated option panels or additional frameworks – just clean, well structured templates and CSS3/Sass. The Rolls-Royce of Premium WordPress Themes and a perfect foundation for your next project.

*Built with Sass* – our themes are built using Sass. That’s CSS spiced with nesting, variables and some more magic. We give you all the source files so you can use it too. Get ready to take a giant productivity step.

*SEO power* – on site SEO just lost it’s scariness. Focus on creating killer content, we provide you with a foundation that search engines and users love.

*Responsive design* – your customers, clients and users are everywhere, not just in front of their desktops. Prepare for the mobile revolution. RockSolid Themes provide you with a responsive web design kickstart and save you a lot of hassle. Benefit from our experience and secure your competitive edge online.

*Multi-language ready* – build international websites with ease.

*Icon-Font included* – choose from over 300 icons for your lists, links and other elements. The scaleable icons are crisp on every screen and easier to handle than images. Another benefit: they need just one HTTP request. Blazing fast.

*Lightweight* – RockSolid Themes follow the Theme Development Standards and are perfect for professional users and everyone with high expectations.

*One click demo install* – having a hard time to reproduce something you’ve seen in the demo of a theme? We’ve been there, that’s why every RockSolid Theme comes with demo data that gives you instant access to your own demo site. Building on top of a solid base saves time and makes the setup a lot easier.

# Service & Support

Theme Documentation:

For Support please check our Forum & Ticket system:


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