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Theme focused on photography with support for retouching projects, movies, audio and text. Main attributes are Minimalism and Focus.
The fast setup and quick content fill lets have the website ready for showoff in no time. KEY FEATURES
– Dynamic Content Loading
– Global Loop Showcase System
– Multimedia Content
– Config as Blog or as Single Page site
– Custom gallery colors for zoomed view.
– Fast Setup: Theme uploaded and activated = Ready to add content!
Gallery Item Types:

– Image
– Before-After viewer
– Video: support for Vimeo, Youtube and custom videos via jPlayer
– Audio
– Text

Theme Setup

The theme is designed to be ready to use right after the activation. On first activation the theme installs automatically a Theme Preset(that has default options on) and a number of fonts to chose from. You can pretty much change your name and subtitle and start creating posts. Both WordPress Pages and Posts will have the special Gallery module attached to them – right in the default edit screen.


Update 1.3 – 16 April 2013 – Hotfix for an Internet Explorer issue generated by a console.log command – Media Selector Updates; now is used the one provided by WordPress 3.5+ (You will need at least WordPress 3.5) – FavIcon option added. – New Textarea where you can add footer scripts such as Google Analitics and related.

UPDATE 1.2.3 – 17 March 2013
– Fix on a bug that prevented new fonts to style the content.
– Fix on on the share buttons that did not generate right links to share.
– Tweaked an error that may appear in the mediabook-menu.php on certain servers
UPDATE 1.2.2 – 4 March 2013
– Small bug fix that repairs custom links as menu items.
– Fix on registering duplicate posts in menu.

UPDATE – 7 feb 2013

Version 1.2
– password protected posts support added
– categories in custom menu get parsed to display child posts
– item description with full text (html) support added
– fix ba viewer – the ba-container has wrong position
– hide share widget option added
– hide global loop button option fixed( was disabling keyboard navigation)
– site will not show a post more than once
– small bugs & code tweaks

Theme Update, 12 dec 2012
– BugFix – fixed an issue with creating image items (from media library) in WordPress 3.5
– BugFix – fixed an error that some users had when there was no custom menu available.

Theme Update, 23 nov 2012 – BugFix – restored galleries for pages.

Theme Update, 16 nov 2012 – Version 1.1
Main features:
– Comments support for blog posts
– Background image system
– Option to show gallery item captions under the gallery
– Posters for all item types (beta)
– Admin translation now available via .po files
– Advanced javascript input areas to tweak or init external plugins inside the gallery
– option to set the thumb bar width

Secundar tweaks
major code tweaks in almost all core files
custom input for custom share options
php 5.4 error fix

Buyers Testimonials:

– This is great portfolio template. Almost every portfolio template on Themeforest is WAY to exaggerated and flashy. This template allows the users artwork/portfolio to speak for itself. Kudos on sticking to simplicity and function over all the other crap. I believe there is a big gap in the market for more templates like this that have unique galleries but maintain simplicity.

– Awesome! Great Work!

– Wonderful unique theme, and easily customizable! Love it! This truly is a gem.

– Hi, I purchased and started feeding my stuff in. Simply the best. Nice work man.

THEME BLUEPRINT (click for big pic) :

Make sure you check both previews:

[WHITE] & [DARK] – they have different features.

If I get requests for the HTML-only template in the comments area I will see to offer the theme in that format too.
Also, in case you are interested in it, don’t forget to add me to your list of authors you fallow.


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Blue, Red

Popular Features

Testimonials, Share Buttons



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