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Custom Theme Options, Shortcodes, Theme Options Panel, Contact Form, Slider



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Download the update version 2.1

Touch Twitter Bootstrap – Responsive WP Theme. Unlimited combinations on any page. Very powerful theme which suits both, creative and business users with no programming background, as well as advanced developers. The Theme is built on top of the great Themeple Framework. It comes with a hundreds of options so you can modify, styling, colors, layout and fonts directly from within the Theme Options. Build your own skin and pages right out from your Page Builder and Theme Options. Font, background and color options as well as the dynamic template builder will help you create the Website you need in no time. In addition to the global options you can set unique styling options for each entry. Thank you!

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Theme Options

Page Builder

Hundreds of Shortcodes

3 Responsive Slider

All The Google Web Fonts

Responsive Theme

Make Gradients and use Color picker for everything

Design with Boxes and Columes

Major Features

Themeple Framework
Page Builder
True Responsive
iPhone/iPad compatible
Unlimited Layout for creatives and business websites
Portfolio display with category filter Grid or List View
4 Portfolio layouts with category filter
3 Custom made Sliders
Custom made contact form
Custom Designed layouts
Multi-category projects
Present Identity, Motion, Web, Print, Photo projects and more!
Custom made 2 Twitter widgets
News section
About Us section
Services section
2 Blog Layouts Grid or List
Ability to create any other pages with custom layouts
Social Shares
Responsive Behaviors

Make Your Layout

All Responsive Sliders

Need Support?

If you need support, all support requests should be send to We will usually get back to you within 24-72hours. Complex issues may take longer up to 1 week.


Current Status of Development: Our current development efforts are focused almost entirely on fixing post-release bugs. Thank you!
=== v2.1 (08 Nov 2012) === We have fixed the portfolio info text bug & and the services link === v1.03 (17 Sep 2012) === Now you can set different font for your H1, H2 and body text.
Now you can add link to the Flex slider and make it auto start
Now you can link box with the left image and text. === v1.02 (17 Sep 2012) === Fixed Bug === v1.01 (16 Sep 2012) === Updated dummy data, added html 5 audio player === v1.0 (15 Sep 2012) ===



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Popular Features

Custom Theme Options, Shortcodes, Theme Options Panel, Contact Form, Slider



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