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Custom Post Types, Shortcodes, Related Posts, Theme Options Panel, Contact Form, Documentation, Numbered Pagination, Custom Widgets, jQuery, Lightbox, Google Analytics, Translation Ready, Unlimited Sidebars, Slider



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Product Description

In a few words, Royalty can be defined by beauty through simplicity. It can be used for a wide range of sites from corporate / business to photography, blogging and portfolios.


8 different skins
6 layout templates
unlimited sidebars
Powerful backend option panels: 40 admin options for content management, site design and layout.
2 different frontpage layouts: : fullwidth and left sidebar
2 types of portfolios(unlimited) and gallery with custom post types: for easy management and organization.
Blog supports 3 layout types of posts: left floated image, full-width image, and disabled image layouts. You can choose to display the slider on blog page.
Comments: nested four levels deep. Support for comments pagination and avatars.
5 custom widgets: RY Blog Categories, RY Feeds, RY Social Media Links, RY Blog(shows latest blog posts), RY Flickr
Sidebars: no less than 8 widget areas are available
Widgetized Footer: with 4 areas
404 custom error page
WP 3 .0 Menus: top menu with enabled description, which has dropdown capability to 3 levels enhanced with superfish
Shortcodes: no less than 60 shortcodes available for content management and lots of custom styled elements
Working jQuery contact form
Breadcrumbs navigation
Custom styled archives and search pages with pagination
Custom styled lightbox: for single image, gallery, and video using prettyPhoto. Can be used with shortcodes too.
Video support
Easy and intuitive setup
Translation ready(.po file included)
Browser compatibility: IE7 -8, Firefox 3-3.6, Chrome 4-8, Safari.
Cufon font replacement
PSD files: all psd layouts are included, along with lots of separate elements for easier customization / personalization
Detailed documentation.

Update 2.3.1 – May 8th, 2012

Fixed a bug where unlimited portfolio feature(multiple portfolios of the same time) wasn’t working properly Now you can create unlimited gallery sections, just like portfolios 1 & 2 Cleaned style.css of unnecessary code that was initially used for the style switcher

Update 2.3 – May 3rd, 2012

Removed timthumb – Now the theme uses the built in wordpress media uploader for image resizing
Improved and changed the blog functionality
Simplified the theme’s custom posts sections: portfolio 1, portfolio 2 and gallery setup and usage
Made improvements & fixed bugs for theme’s comments section
Created a basic starting child theme for easier customizations
Updated and improved the documentation

Update 2.2 – March 26th, 2012

Fixed a display bug introduced in previous update 2.1 that was occuring on internet explorer 7-8(content was “falling” below sidebar) Reworked and replaced the slider module: replaced cycle plugin(created in 2007) with flex slider(created in 2012) for better optimization Now the slider uses the wordpress thumbnail updoad library so documentation about how to set it up was updated accordingly Fixed a glitch where the theme’s content was “falling” below sidebar when the window was being resized to a resolution lower than 1024×768px Added png files for mouse hover state graphics that were missing from the theme’s gallery section Adjusted the font size for headers h1-h6 Updated the cufon js for lobster font from version 1.4 to 2.0 Optimised the css by removing no needed classes and made small changes to some theme elements

Update 2.1 – March 16th, 2012

Reworked the theme’s header section to display properly on ie9 and mobile devices Made the custom css box from theme’s backend to properly apply styles Fixed a handful of css bugs

Update 2.0 – November 7th, 2011

added unlimited sidebars option fixed a breadcrumbs bug added option to enable / disable breadcrumbs fixed social media icons share on blog improved a couple of custom widgets to increase usability added timthumb for automatic image resizing updated theme’s custom options panel to the latest version changed the way the main homepage is created in order to improve usability and theme’s overall structure made a handful of css adjustments and fixed css bugs fixed a couple of text domain issues changed flickr widget layout improved and optimised boxes shortcodes(now you can use these with no image link too) altered custom posts options for easier usage updated the documentation

Update 1.3.1

Fixed a css bug occurring on blog pages on ie7-ei9 browsers
fixed a bug where google analytics code was duplicating

Update 1.3

Fixed a bug where sidebar widgets didn’t work properly on archive pages Now you can easily choose to have the slider on blog pages via blog options in the custom admin panel Fixed a bug where comments usernames were not displaying correctly if the name was too short Added localization support for page navigation Made a couple of css bug fixes

Update 1.2

Added 3 new shortcodes: center align picture shortcode, center align picture with lightbox shortcode and related posts shortcode(relation is made by tags) Fixed a bug where pagination didn’t work when blog page was set as homepage Fixed several shortcodes that were generating invalid content and were breaking the layout Now the social media icons are in a separate tab in the theme’s custom admin panel Remade the 404 error page with newly added options in the custom panel Changed the flickr widget because the old one was loading way too slow Made a couple of css bug fixes

Update 1.1

Fixed the localization support – added the “load_theme_textdomain” in functions.php
Updated the documentation with the correct table and tabs code
fixed a couple of css issues

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Popular Features

Custom Post Types, Shortcodes, Related Posts, Theme Options Panel, Contact Form, Documentation, Numbered Pagination, Custom Widgets, jQuery, Lightbox, Google Analytics, Translation Ready, Unlimited Sidebars, Slider



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