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Shortcodes, Social Icons, Translation Ready, Retina Display Ready



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This is One Plus, a ultra responsive and smart portfolio just for very creative people. Designed and developed thinking on the most important part of your work, your content and projects. Now, you will dazzle your clients and friends with a new way to show your amazing creations.


Main demo (live preview)
Features enabled: Custom color for each gallery // Prevent upscale mode // slide transition // Gallery #1 // Sidebars disabled on pages // Sidebars disabled on cover blog & enabled in single blog (every theme background is configurable with plain color, fullscreen image, pattern or slideshow)

Demo bureau
Features enabled: Smart color // Fullscreen mode // fade transition // Gallery #2 // Sidebars enabled on pages // Sidebars enabled on cover blog & single blog (every theme background is configurable with plain color, fullscreen image, pattern or slideshow)

Demo traveler
Features enabled: Fullscreen mode // Slide transition // Gallery #3 // Thumb overlay opacity // Blog custom background // Sidebars disabled

Three different galleries to show your projects
Different options to configure galleries like transitions, fullscreen mode, prevent upscale and more
Custom color schemes for each gallery with just a couple of clicks
Exclusive and original “SMART COLOR” feature. This feature sets automatically your gallery color scheme taking as basis the thumb clicked on the grid color palette. The combinations are infinite. You will enjoy playing with this feature and making your site unique.
Vimeo & Youtube video support with custom sizes
iFrame content supported
Single slide descriptions
General project brief description
Social options integration within the gallery
Font awesome icons retina ready
Google fonts. More than 75 fonts available.
A lot of shortcodes with a shortcode manager to add your components in a very easy way
Complete blog solution
Dynamic sidebars. When you assign a page layout with left o right sidebar, a sidebar for that page will be automatically created. This is very cool.
Change the thumbs size directly from the option panel
You can select the overlay for your thumbs
Adjust the sizes for your text, fonts, color. Combinations are unlimited.
Localization ready
Protected projects with password
Semantic HTML5 structure & Degrades Gracefully
iOS/Mobile Ready
iOS gestures and keyboard support for galleries
A very easy to use control panel where you could change your logos, adjust positions, change fonts, colors and customize your portfolio in a very easy way. Really, we have thought on you when we developed this WordPress Theme.

Select between 3 different galleries to show your works. Each of them have the same engine but they will look completely different in order to let you customize your site a little bit more.

Using interesting options like “smart color”, custom color or default color will bring to your galleries a personal touch. Then configure as you prefer as fullscreen, prevent upscaling your slides or a dynamic mode that will let the user choose if displaying the gallery in fullscreen or native mode on the fly.

Configuring the transitions will be very easy. Choose from fade, slide, fade-slide, flash or pulse transitions.

A complete gallery solution to show your amazing projects.

Do you need support?

Dashboard and ticksy are checked regularly during business hours (9:00h-18:00h UTC+1). We’ll get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 24-48 hours. While be sure your query was not asked before in any thread and remember you to take a look to the FAQs.

Support tasks are the questions and doubts about the theme itself. Support tasks don´t cover customizations or particular needs. Before purchasing the theme, make sure it covers your needs and if you could have any doubt before, do not hesitate to contact. We will try to help with it.


3 JUN: Version 1.1

· Fixed issue with brief description

· Added option to upload a secondary logo for inner pages if needed

· Added retina options. Enable this option if you want to use this feature. Your logo and social icons will be ready for HDPi devices. The other graphics are managed with Font Awesome and are HDPi ready too.

· Some minor improvements

· Checked compatibility and WP 3.6 ready

We want to give a special thank you to those three amazing illustrators that allowed us to use part of their work to illustrate One Plus. They are Cristiano Siqueira, Carles Gómez and Marc Vila. To the three, thank you very much, friends.

IMPORTANT: Images used to illustrate the demo are copyrighted by its owners. The illustrators mentioned above, Van Garret & Andreu Llos (theme authors). Some other assets used in this description are from In no way, any of these images are included on the final package you download from Themeforest.

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Popular Features

Shortcodes, Social Icons, Translation Ready, Retina Display Ready



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