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Custom Post Types, Custom Theme Options, Shortcodes, Sitemap, Drop Down Menu, Facebook Integration, Related Posts, Social Icons, Theme Options Panel, Custom Fonts, Contact Form, Custom Sidebars, Documentation, Numbered Pagination, Custom Widgets, jQuery, Lightbox, Testimonials, Translation Ready, Post Formats, Slider, Full Width Slider



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A Theme For Everyone

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced WordPress professional, Mural was built with you in mind. Powerful and at the same time easy to use tools, make it easy for everyone to build a website. The build-in custom admin panel has all the options you’ll ever need to customize your website in a few minutes, be it changing colors, background images, fonts or image sizes, Mural has got you covered. Uploading your own Cufon fonts, creating new skins and sharing them with other Users are some of the easy and fun tools you’ll find inside Mural, start having fun today.

General Features

Includes an XML file that enables you to import dummy data and placeholder images with examples of slider images, portfolio items, blog posts and all the shortcodes examples. Start your new website with the right foot Complete documentation with screenshots to help you through the installation and customization process. Download Documentation Powerful and easy to use custom admin panel (CMS) for setting the theme options. Fully responsive from Desktop to Mobile. Unobtrusive JavaScript that gracefully degrades when it’s disabled. WordPress built in automatic thumbnail generation and image resizing. Translation ready, theme comes with a .PO file with English localization. WPML ready, all dynamic fields from the custom admin panel are provided to WPML for translation. WooCommerce ready. SublimeVideo player fully integrated with the Slider allowing HTML5 video playback as well as integration with the shortcode. CSS and jQuery Drop Down Menu. Full page backgrounds: every page, post, portfolio item and WooCommerce product can have a full page background image that centers itself and fills the entire browser screen even when the browser is resized. Customizable Sub-headers: every page, post, portfolio item and WooCommerce product can have a sub-header bar that is capable of displaying a title and description, as well as setting a particular sub-header height and background color or image. 2 Sliders: Normal Slider and Full Width Slider supporting images up to 1920px width and have Video support (YouTube, Vimeo, FLV and MP4). Every page, post, portfolio item and WooCommerce product can have a sub-header slider that is capable of displaying images and/or videos of a specific slider item category or categories. This enables you to add a slider pretty much anywhere you want, be it for showcasing an item of your portfolio, your home page, or even a WooCommerce product if you have the plugin installed. Multiple Blogs: create completely independent blog pages that display different categories in each page, and the theme includes 3 different blog page templates (2 of them can hide the sidebar and be full width). Post detail page with sidebar or full width. Multiple Portfolios: create completely independent portfolio pages that display different portfolio categories in each page, and the theme includes 13 different portfolio page templates. Portfolio item detail page with sidebar or full width. Full Width page template. Left and Right Sidebar page templates. Sitemap template. Contact page with validation and fully functional Ajax contact form (3 layers of SPAM protection) WordPress post formats support (gallery, image, link, chat, quote, status, video) Customizable Image Sizes: the Image sizes section of the admin panel is a very powerful tool because it lets you set the image height of pretty much any image you see in the theme. For example, you can easily set the height of the images in a portfolio template with 4 columns, or the blog detail page, all of this without touching a single line of code or asking for support. Skin Manager: change any color, background image and font of a specific skin. This tool also enables you to create a new skin by copying an existing one, export it and share it, and download more skins that I’ll be adding over time without having to re-download the theme from ThemeForest and update the theme’s files. Fonts Manager: quickly update the Google Web Fonts list of available fonts that the Google Web Font Directory keeps adding and updating, select which font subsets will be included if the current skin is using any Google Web Font and upload new Cufon fonts that you generate. Lots of different shortcodes for you to use: Call-to-action, Titles, Column Layouts, Slider, Buttons, Info Boxes, Dropcaps, List Styles, Price Tables, Lightbox, Video, Testimonials, Maps and more. Shortcode Manager: the theme includes an incredibly easy to use shortcode manager in the rich text editor inside WordPress, you just need to click on the Mural logo and select which shortcode you want to add to your content. Awesome page examples to get you started. WordPress Gallery with Lightbox. 9 widgetized areas that can be hidden or replaced with your own custom created sidebars. This is possible for every page, post, portfolio item and WooCommerce product. Complete separation from the portfolio and blog. Custom widgets for displaying Popular Posts, Recent Posts, Popular Portfolio Items, Recent Portfolio Items, Twitter, Flickr, Contact Form, Small Ad, Social Icons and a Sub-pages menu of top parent page. Seamless out of the box Twitter, Google+ and Facebook button integration. Works in all major browsers (not IE 6 compatible and CSS3 features not supported by IE7 and IE8). Styled and built in wp-pagenavi plugin used for pagination. Valid HTML and CSS code

NOTE: the skin switcher that you see in the preview is not included in your purchased file.



1.7 – 08/07/2013

Tweak – Tweaked button styling in admin panel to better suite WP 3.5+
Tweak – Added backwards support to jQuery.browser and several other minor tweaks for future compatibility with jQuery 1.9+
Fix – Updated the Twitter widget and shortcode in order to use the v1.1 API with OAuth.
Fix – Fixed WooCommerce star rating visual bug in FireFox.
Fix – Fixed a bug that deleted all custom sidebars when deleting a single custom sidebar in Webkit browsers.

1.6 – 02/04/2013

Feature – Added compatibility with WooCommerce 2.0.
Fix – Fixed the randomization of related posts and related work.
Fix – Fixed a bug preventing the global full page background from working properly.
Fix – Fixed a bug preventing the star rating from displaying in the WooCommerce review form.
Fix – Fixed a bug where the top dropdown menu would stay behind YouTube videos.
Fix – Fixed a bug where sometimes big-title shrotcodes without description wouldn’t display correctly.
Fix – Fixed WP

for images that are not attached to the post in WP 3.5+.
Fix – Fixed the “Upload” style bug in the admin panel on WP 3.5+.

1.5.1 – 04/09/2012

Fix – Fixed a minor bug on the full page backgrounds.

1.5 – 03/09/2012

Tweak – Tweaked how full page backgrounds and fixed no-repeat body backgrounds display on mobile devices, it should display properly now (thanks Dino Gomez).
Fix – Fixed a bug where overriding a sub-header slider height was not correctly displaying the custom height.
Fix – Fixed a bug where overriding images in recent/popular portfolio items was not working properly.
Fix – Fixed compatibility with the latest version of WooCommerce ( regarding upsells positioning.
Fix – Minor bug fixes.

1.4 – 02/08/2012

Feature – Mural is now Multisite ready. Every option, custom skins, custom fonts and image sizes are particular to a unique site.
Feature – On portfolio items detail page you now have the option to display “Featured image only” even if you have more images attached.
Tweak – Forced the Facebook parameter “locale=en_US” so that it displays properly in every browser.
Tweak – The font weight 400 is now also loaded for headings when using Google Web Fonts.
Tweak – The Skins Manager tabs now display properly in one row on Google Chrome for Windows.
Tweak – Fixed a bug where no skin settings were being saved when using a “Maintenance Mode” plugin or when using .htpasswd for password protected sites.
Tweak – The theme should no longer call deprecated functions (with backwards compatibility).
Tweak – Added an alternate fallback approach to Vimeo and YouTube URLs parsing when using the shortcode.
Fix – Fixed a typo on the French translation.
Fix – Fixed a bug where a user with the “Editor” role would see white text on a white background in the main Rich Textarea field.
Fix – Added the missing “Permalink to %s” string to the language files.
Fix – The dropdown menu on mobile devices now properly centers.
Fix – Fixed a bug where a sub-header slider wouldn’t display properly on a WooCommerce Shop page.
Fix – Fixed an hard-coded ”@unispheredesign” string on the Twitter widget.
Fix – Minor bug fixes and tweaks.

1.3 – 28/06/2012

Feature – You can now override the height of sub-header sliders on a per page/post/portfolio item/product basis.
Feature – The theme now stores a backup of your custom skins when you save settings, as well as when you upload a new font. This backup is stored in a folder inside your wp-content/uploads/ folder so that you can safely update the theme without the risk of loosing your custom skins. If during the update process you happen to delete your custom skins and fonts, the next time you go the the “Skins Manager” the theme ask you if you want to restore the backups automatically.
Feature – You are now able to show a description in full-width sub-header sliders that display an image (not supported for videos).
Feature – The title and description of the slider items now have a subtle animation.
Tweak – Tweaked some admin panel error messages to better inform the user of what is potentially causing the error.
Tweak – Changed the Mural custom admin menu position from 100 to 105 to prevent conflicts with certain plugins.
Fix – Some plugins that have custom post types were displaying errors on the sub-header bar.
Fix – Sometimes the slider would not start when a YouTube video was present on a slider item.
Fix – Fixed a bug where a downloaded skin would inherit settings from the previously selected skin immediately after saving settings.
Fix – Fixed a bug where category archives, tag archives, author archives and search results would not display the pagination properly when using the Masonry template.
Fix – Removed underline when hovering slider items that link to a custom URL.
Fix – The sub-header slider now resizes correctly when changing the orientation of a mobile device.
Fix – Fixed a bug where [recent_posts], [popular_posts], [recent_portfolio] and [popular_portfolio] shortcodes were removing paragraphs from the main description field of a page/post/portfolio item/product.
Fix – Fixed the width of the Facebook share button on the lightbox because it was being cropped.

1.2 – 14/06/2012

Feature – If the Ambrosite Next/Previous Post Link Plus free plugin is installed, the theme detects its presence and automatically limits the single post next and previous navigation to the categories set on the parent portfolio or blog page.
Feature – Added French localization (thanks to Anthony Durand).
Feature – Added Portuguese (Portugal) localization.
Tweak – Removed “Comments are closed” notification on single posts and portfolio items.
Tweak – Simplified the code used to download and import remote skin files. Should no longer produce 404 errors on certain hosting environments.
Tweak – Fixed plural forms for comments on the main default.po localization file.
Tweak – The theme now warns you on the frontend if no static home page is set.
Tweak – Updated the theme demo and documentation regarding the category ID filter parameter of certain shortcodes.
Tweak – Certain operations in the “Skins Manager” that are related to the filesystem sometimes blocked the user from continuing to use the “Skins Manager” again. Some code tweaks were added in order to “mitigate” this, showing an error message (lack of permissions for example) and reseting the operation.
Tweak – You can now display sliders with just one element. In these cases, the theme automatically hides the slider navigation.
Tweak – Changed the font size of the admin panel tabs. In some browsers the tabs were displayed in two lines.
Fix – Fixed “failed to open stream” when adding background images in certain hosting environments.
Fix – Allow external shortcodes to properly render inside widgets.
Fix – Shortcode sliders inside single posts should now appear correctly and assume the width of the parent element similarly to how it happens when you reduce the browser window size.
Fix – The slider mobile touch interaction now properly responds to vertical touch.

1.1 – 06/06/2012

Feature – Added single post, portfolio item and WooCommerce product previous and next navigation. Can be hidden/displayed in the Theme Options panel.
Tweak – Better prettyPhoto lightbox styling for mobile devices.
Tweak – Better styling of the WooCommerce Checkout page on mobile devices with small screens.
Fix – Prevent errors when certain hosting environments block callback HTTP requests.
Fix – Properly detect the “readlink” function in PHP before using it. Before PHP 5.3 this function was only available on *nix systems.


The images you see in the theme preview are not included in the downloadable file and their use outside the preview is strictly forbidden without the author’s permission.

jQuery ( Superfish Dropdown ( prettyPhoto ( Quicksand ( jQuery Cycle ( SublimeVideo ( jQuery Touchwipe Plugin ( FitVids ( jQuery Masonry ( Cufon ( Options Framework ( Social Media Icons ( Some images by the awesome Helder Oliveira YouTube Video by Matthias Müller Vimeo Video by Thomas Blanchard Creative Commons images used in the preview: by SixRevisions by VinothChandar by Darwin Bell by VinothChandar by visualpanic by Marina Pics by Samantha Lauren Photographie by CarbonNYC by Loli by Loli by adactio by adactio by adactio by adactio by adactio by Johan Larsson by Johan Larsson by Johan Larsson by Nikolay Bachiyski by Nikolay Bachiyski by Nikolay Bachiyski by formatbrain by seyed mostafa zamani

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Custom Post Types, Custom Theme Options, Shortcodes, Sitemap, Drop Down Menu, Facebook Integration, Related Posts, Social Icons, Theme Options Panel, Custom Fonts, Contact Form, Custom Sidebars, Documentation, Numbered Pagination, Custom Widgets, jQuery, Lightbox, Testimonials, Translation Ready, Post Formats, Slider, Full Width Slider



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