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Custom Post Types, Custom Theme Options, Shortcodes, Sitemap, Slideshows, Slideshow, Drop Down Menu, Theme Options Panel, Contact Form, Documentation, Custom Widgets, jQuery, Lightbox, Translation Ready, Slider



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Product Description

This theme has been around Theme Forest awhile now, rocking all of the Top-Seller lists, and it’s only grown and become bigger and bigger with every update. Complexity is a simple business and portfolio theme that is easy to customize and will get you or your client’s website up and running in no time. It’s everything it’s name isn’t, which is simple. Make sure to checkout the Theme Overview video to get the skinny on how the theme works outside of what you may have seen in the live demo.

A Truly Flexible Homepage

Sure there are a ton of awesome layout setups you could come up with all the color and style choices, but what about the homepage layout, too? Complexity offers you a truly flexible homepage, but in the simplest way possible. Isn’t it awesome?

A Rock Solid WordPress Theme Framework

After more than a year of trial, error, and customer feedback on Theme Forest, this theme has been built on one of the most rock solid WordPress frameworks around. The ThemeBlvd WordPress Framework has reached the highest level ever thanks to the all of the support from the thousands of awesome ThemeBlvd theme buyers. Complexity embodies the latest features and technologies to provide the best WordPress 3 experience around.

Awesome Theme Support

ThemeBlvd Video Tutorials

Getting Stated Installing a ThemeBlvd WordPress Theme Installing a ThemeBlvd WordPress Theme (Classic Method) Font Control Explained Building Menus Homepage Setup Complexity Theme Overview Digging In Lightbox Integration Creating Galleries Creating Slideshows Using the [slideshow] Shortcode Creating Portfolios Using Page Templates Archives and Sitemap Contact Page Full Width Page Page Redirect Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ThemeBlvd SEO Plugin Overview Customization Tips Using Bonus Content – Bonus content included same as Alyeska! Using Child Themes Hiding Theme Options Panels Setting a Blog As Your Homepage Filtering a Blog Page Limiting Widget To Certain Pages

Features Overview

Theme Option Customization Highlights 2 Styles – Light or dark? 30 Skins 60 Backgrounds (in addition to WP3 custom background support) Show/hide search on main menu. Flexible homepage layout choices. Choose number of footer widget columns. Display or hide titles of all subpages. Show subpage sidebar on left or right side. … And many more useful options. 8 Page Templates Archives Page – (View Page) Blog Roll – (View Page) Contact Page – (View Page) Full Width Page – (View Page) Sidebar Left – (View Page) Sidebar Right – (View Page) Redirect – (View Page) Sitemap – (View Page) 11 Custom Widgets ThemeBlvd Ads (125×125) Widget ThemeBlvd Author Box Widget ThemeBlvd Feedback Widget ThemeBlvd MP3 Audio Widget ThemeBlvd Info Box Widgetv ThemeBlvd Recent News Widget ThemeBlvd Recent Posts Widget ThemeBlvd Simple Contact Widget ThemeBlvd Tabs Widget ThemeBlvd Twitter Widget ThemeBlvd Video Widget (supports Vimeo, YouTube, and self-hosted mp4, flv, and f4v videos) Flash Enhancement MP3 Audio Player for self-hosted audio files. Video Player for self-hosted video files. jQuery Enhancement Homepage slideshow with Cycle plugin Dropdown Menu, improved with jQuery Portfolio Page with animated thumbnails and lightbox Working AJAX/PHP contact form with validation WordPress 3+ Theme Support Custom Menu support Custom Background support Post Thumbnail support More ThemeBlvd Framework Goodies Self-hosted audio/video, YouTube, and Vimeo support in portfolios, widgets, and shortcodes. Many dynamic widget and widget areas. Built-in ThemeBlvd SEO plugin. – (Watch Video) Contact Form Builder. – (Watch Video) Full Lightbox integration. – (Watch Video) Font Control – (Watch Video) Tons of shortcodes with tinyMCE visual integration. – (See Screenshot), (View All Shortcodes) Unlimited Portfolios – (Watch Video) Unlimited Slideshows – (Watch Video) Tons of Bonus content included. – (Watch Video) Localization-Ready (for translating to other languages) Full layered PSD site layout. Detailed documentation included in addition to video tutorials.

Server Requirements

In order to run this theme, your server must have PHP5 and you must have WordPress 3.x installed.

If you’re not running at least PHP5 on your web server, it’s a bit of a security risk, anyway. Any respectable web host should update you for free if you just ask. If you’re on some sort of dedicated server plan, they will sometimes charge you a small fee to update.


The logo of this theme uses the Aller font. You should download the whole family. It’s a cool font and it’s free!

Update Log

You can view complete change log for files here

v2.2.4 – July 10, 2013

Added support for Tweeple.
Removed Twitter widget (use Tweeple’s widget instead).

v2.2.3 – February 25, 2013

Incorporated current Theme Blvd Twitter functionality.
Fixed search widget so it can display in homepage columns, sidebar, and footer columns.
Added WP dynamic classes to widgets in registered sidebars.
Improved [raw] shortcode and added option to disable it at Complexity > Theme Options > General Options.

v2.2.2 – December 14, 2011

Fixed custom background control for WordPress 3.3 update.

v2.2.1 – April 13, 2011

Added [raw] shortcode that can now be put around content to avoid WP automatic formatting. Ex: [raw]Some content here…[/raw] Fixed div#primary-bottom in footer.php Fixed three-fourth layout shortcode width for full width pages. Fixed issue with having any WordPress element with a loop of posts after a slideshow (includes trying to put a

just after a [slideshow] on a page, for example). Fixed some quirks with formatting of Portfolio/Portfolio Item title tags in built-in SEO plugin. Fixed title tag compatibility with some other SEO plugins, when ThemeBlvd built-in seo is off. Fixed CSS for light “skins” combined with dark “body style”. Fixed toggle shortcode text color on dark style.

v2.2.0 – March 16, 2011

Complexity has grown once again to bring you a bunch of added, awesome features. This update brings you the the updated ThemeBlvd WP Theme Framework v1.1 and many of the features to match the popular Alyeska WordPress Theme. Make sure and watch the all-new Theme Overview Video to get the skinny how Complexity 2.2 works.

Separated Theme “Skin” into two separate options, Theme Color and Theme Background, which are now not dependent on each other. Mix and match it up! Added dark style to overall content area, now choose light or dark. Added dynamic option for insertion of copyright text in footer. Complete homepage options overhaul, now with sortable elements. Homepage slideshow now supports automatic wordpress filters on the content. Fixed [slideshow] shortcode for WordPress 3.1. Added [nivo] slider shortcode. Added tinyMCE integration for shortcodes. Added ThemeBlvd Info Widget. Added option while editing pages to show/hide page title. Added in fallback function for listing pages on main menu when no wp_nav_menu exists. Fixed tabs widget bug when adding less than 4 tabs. Fixed styling for Simple Contact widget being placed in sidebar. Fixed Enable/Disable of SEO for posts/pages. Improved look of blog post comments and backend comment coding. Added child theme compatibility and included sample child theme. Improved theme localization Updated to ThemeBlvd WordPress Framework 1.1. Complexity re-wrote documentation and included tons of video tutorials. Added bonus content pages.

WARNING: This update will require you to re-configure some of your theme options related to theme skin and homepage options.

v2.1.2 – January 27, 2011

The coolest part about this update is that a bunch of new, awesome google fonts were added along with a new cool way to preview your font selections in your theme options panel.

Added many new fonts from the Google Font Directory and also added live font previewing on theme options page. Added 5 more classic skins (for those of you that didn’t notice, I was marketing 50 skins when I accidentally only included 45). Fixed some minor PHP warnings having to do with WordPress 3.1. Theme now compatible with official Breadcrumb NavXT WordPress plugin. Changed default skin to “Glossy Slate” so your site will be the same color as the demo on initial activation of the theme. Excluded slides from appearing in search results. Fixed video/audio flash embedding (for shortcodes and widgets) in IE8 . Updated to prettyPhoto 3.0.1. Made SEO titles compatible with WP attachment pages. Added “Next/Pre” in gallery shortcode.

v2.1.1 – December 7, 2010

Fixed subpage [slideshow] shortcode navigation bug. Theme is now compatible with official WP-PageNavi plugin. Now, you must install the most current version of the WP-PageNavi plugin separately, opposed to it being built-in to the theme. This will ensure compatibility with a wider range of servers, allowing for you to always stay up-to-date with the plugin itself. Added WP-PageNavi info to documentation.

v2.1 – December 3, 2010

With a release as big as Complexity 2, you can only expect a bit of cleanup soon to follow. Your requests and bug reports have been heard! The changes are not only cleanup but also some cool new features with the help of a lot of your feedback. Highlights include the ability to skin and brand your audio and video flash players along with adding breadcrumbs. If I were you, I’d save yourself time and just update all the files! )” title=” :)” /> … but of course, I’m going to outline everything updated for you brave souls and link to a full list of added and effected files.

Homepage slideshow now accepts shortcodes in the content area. Added sample slide HTML snippets to documentation. Added Google Font Directory’s new fonts. Fixed some general issues with how font selection works and how header fonts fall back to body font when no Google font is selected. Also threw in option for changing body font size. Integrated new flash video player (for self-hosted videos) to match look of audio player (developed with the help of ICA !) Cleaned up flash embedding markup for custom audio and video players for shortcodes and widgets. Now using swfobject.js. Added ability to select custom skin color for custom audio and video players across all widgets, shortcodes, and portfolios. Added options for branding portfolio video/audio player including optional logo watermark (Theme Options > Portfolios). Added option to select where portfolio thumbnails link to (Theme Options > Portfolios). Added breadcrumbs (along with option to turn on/off under Theme Options > General Options). Cleaned up theme’s javascript (custom.js) along with deleting unnecessary files from js folder. Fixed footer column selection on Theme Options page. The theme itself is now 100% W3C valid markup (Note: The only validation errors you’ll see on the demo homepage are from embedding iframe from Vimeo.) Fixed dynamic date formatting in blog and posts. Fixed incorrect comment dates on posts being displayed. Updated localization file (for translation).

v2.0 – November 22, 2010

This is the huge update. There’s been some design tweaks, 50 new skins, and a completely new framework and theme options panel. Learn More

WARNING: Complextiy 2.0 is a brand-new theme, and updating from v1.x will result in loss of your current theme settings, portfolios, and slideshows.

v1.4 – August 1, 2010

Fixed WP 3 background image control and updated documentation to have more information about adding portfolios.

v1.3 – July 8, 2010

Remaining problems with portfolios related to fixing the “potfolios” typos were fixed and updated demo SQL to accommodate these changes. *Sorry for all of the updates due to these really new untested features, but it was worth it to utilize the awesomeness of WordPress 3’s custom post types.

v1.2 – July 7, 2010

Fixed invalid foreach bug with Portfolio/Slides custom post types. Fixed “potfolios” typo. Added cleaner SQL file for demo content. Edited documentation section for adding in your logo to the theme. Added in feature to adjust width when using [slideshow] shortcode.

v1.1 – July 5, 2010

Fixed minor PHP bugs with slideshow.php and portfolio.php.

Sources and Credits

I would like to thank the following providers. This theme wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work and dedication of all of them.

jQuery Cycle jQuery validation Superfish prettyPhoto Nivo Slider

Additional Information


Blue, Light, Red

Popular Features

Custom Post Types, Custom Theme Options, Shortcodes, Sitemap, Slideshows, Slideshow, Drop Down Menu, Theme Options Panel, Contact Form, Documentation, Custom Widgets, jQuery, Lightbox, Translation Ready, Slider



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