Guest Posting Guidelines

Whether your looking for street cred, traffic, or links, we have a few different options for those who want to get in front of our wide audience. Here are the ways you can get yourself and/or your content featured on our site.


Become a Frequent Contributor (Limited Time Offer… Apply Soon)

As we gear up for our full launch, we are looking for a few contributors to add to our core writing team. These contributors will have the opportunity to submit a blog post every week for which they will get credit and links as well as being featured on our Team page. This is a limited time offer until these positions are filled. After these positions are filled, becoming a frequent contributor will still be possible, but the process will be that listed below.

If you would like to apply for this position. Please send an email to along with a few short paragraphs of why you would make a good contributor for the site and what you would bring to the table.


Submit Theme Reviews

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We allow anyone to write reviews of the themes on our site. If your review is quality enough, we will “promote” your review to be the “Official PressCastle Review” of that particular theme at which point you will receive a link to your website on that page. If your review is promoted, you will also be featured in our weekly round up post of authors who contributed to PressCastle that week.

In addition to being featured in these two locations, those writers who frequently have reviews promoted to “Official” status will have more opportunities to both write guest posts and be featured on the site.

[tab title=”Writing Guidelines for Reviews“]

Please follow these guidelines if you hope to have your review promoted to official status

  • Write a review rather than a description. Reviews are meant to help people make a buying decision about the theme. You should include things such as highlight important features and layout the pros and cons.
  • Reviews should be a minimum of three paragraphs and have good grammar and spelling.
  • And of course, no profanity, racial slurs, or any other inappropriate language.


Submit Topical Guest Blog Posts

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On the “Topics” tab we list guest blog post ideas that we think would be really cool and that our readers would really enjoy. If you would to like submit a guest blog post, you may choose one of these topics and submit a guest blog post about it. Guest posts are submitted on a first come first serve basis.

Writers who consistently write good posts from our topic list will be able to suggest topics of their own and will be considered first for steady writing positions.


[tab title=”Writing Guidelines“]


  • 400+ words
  • High quality, informative articles only (none of that spun or regurgitated stuff!)
  • Native sounding English
  • May have any number of links in the content as long as they are relevant (please site sources!)
  • Affiliate links are not allowed
  • Links to other posts on PressCastle are encouraged if they are relevant
  • May have one link in the author bio to a quality site
  • Should include an image if possible. (You must have the rights to the image and cite the source if necessary.)


[tab title=”Topics“]

Here is a list of topics for which we are currently accepting guest blog posts. Articles can be sent to with the subject line “Guest Post for PressCastle.”

  • WordPress Success Stories – It’s time to show off a little bit! Write an article about your WordPress powered website or a WP powered site that you built for a client that has achieved great success or that is just really cool. Don’t be shy! Explain the goal of the site, how far you’ve come in reaching them, and which theme and plugins you used to make it happen. Inspire the WordPress community with your story.
  • Top 10 Lists – Everyone loves top 10 lists, and so do we. Pretty much anything goes here as long as it is written well and is about WordPress. Some examples include jokes / memes, sites for beginners, clone themes, frameworks, useful plugins, annoying things about WP (and how to fix them of course!), tools, etc. Even though these are easy posts to write, they must be quality to be accepted.