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Step Right Up and Check Out 30 Best Creative WordPress Themes 2017

Like it or not, but your website is the most important marketing material you have. Thus, if it doesn’t tell your story well, display your products or services, highlight your brand’s mission – then you are losing potential customers for sure. Moreover, there is no time like the present to start taking your website seriously. […]

3 Micro Job Themes for WordPress

Taskerr by AppThemes Taskerr connects people needing jobs done with others willing to do them. Those sellers offer their services at a set price and customers buy them. You profit on each transaction. Get Theme | View Demo TaskerDev by SiteMile TaskerDev is a wordpress theme, for launching a small job/errand or task marketplace. Outsourcing errands and […]

26 WordPress Themes That Are Great For Doctors

Every business needs a website these days and this applies equally to retail stores, a service that will fix your PC as well as your local doctor. There are numerous advantages that come with a WordPress theme that has been tailor-made for doctors and the whole office and its patients can benefit from it. For […]

43 Fantastic Themes For Bands And Music Artists

The internet has provided a great platform for bands and music artists to promote their music, make legions of new fans, and try and get that elusive record deal. Indeed WordPress is one of the best website systems to do this and the themes we have listed here are all designed for bands and individual […]

27 WordPress Themes That Will Improve Your Landing Page And Make Sales

So you have the traffic and targeted leads coming to your website however if your landing page is not effective at turning that traffic into conversions then you are wasting a great deal of potential sales. The themes that we have compiled here will turn a landing page that isn’t reaching its full capability into one […]

80 WordPress Themes That Are Suited To Charities And Non-Profit Organizations

As far as charities and non-profit organizations go, WordPress is one of the best platforms to run the website from. Not only does it allow for implementation of various features but it has wide ranging benefits for the organization as well. If you need a professional, premium theme to suit your charity or non-profit then we have […]

38 WordPress Themes To Showcase Your Resume Online

How can you make yourself stand out from the crowd when applying for a new job? Wear a better suit perhaps, get a new haircut or bring up some interesting facts about yourself during the interview? These are all good ideas however why not consider building an online resume and showcase your skills, experience, and […]

39 WordPress Themes For Pet Lovers

You adore animals, right? But what kind of WordPress theme is going to suit your tastes as a pet lover? Pet’s take up such a large part of our lives and in many ways it is only natural that we should dedicate a blog or a website to them. After all they are part of […]

20 WordPress Themes That Are Perfect For Car Dealers

WordPress is such a diverse platform that you can host virtually any website on it. While the general consensus is that WordPress is exclusively for bloggers and those who work in eCommerce, the fact that is any type of business can use WordPress and this can range from selling self-help eBooks to cars. Even though […]

24 Of The Most Suitable WordPress Themes For Café’s

A common trait among most businesses these days is to have a website. Not only does it serve as a way of marketing and advertising but it also allows for practical information to be displayed as well such as menus, prices and directions. Even though there are an abundance of themes that are aimed at […]

101 Beautiful WordPress Themes For Blogging

Sometimes less is more. In an age when virtually anyone with access to the internet can set up their own blog and website via WordPress it is not surprising that the emphasis on design has shifted dramatically from complicated and high tech to simplicity and minimalism. There is still a place for elaborate website designs […]

28 Of The Most Effective Micro Blogging Themes For WordPress

Sometimes less is more and for regular internet users who consume so much information on a daily basis, clear and concise language is appreciated. Micro blogging has risen drastically in popularity in the past 5 years. There is still a place for long, detailed and informative blog posts however micro blogging offers the chance to […]

29 Elegant Educational WordPress Themes For Universities And Colleges

A WordPress theme for a university or college should ooze elegance and simplicity. The website should be able to display basic and informative details about the institution while doing so in a clear and direct way. Some educational establishments suffer from trying to incorporate over the top and elaborate designs however if you want some […]

19 Of The Best Job And Employment WordPress Themes

With the number of people looking for work online or thinking of changing their career rising, there has been a growing demand for employment and career focused websites. To help meet this growth, job and employment specific WordPress themes are being created that are perfect for displaying career advice or posting listings for vacancies either […]