101 Beautiful WordPress Themes For Blogging

Sometimes less is more. In an age when virtually anyone with access to the internet can set up their own blog and website via WordPress it is not surprising that the emphasis on design has shifted dramatically from complicated and high tech to simplicity and minimalism. There is still a place for elaborate website designs […]

28 Of The Most Effective Micro Blogging Themes For WordPress

Sometimes less is more and for regular internet users who consume so much information on a daily basis, clear and concise language is appreciated. Micro blogging has risen drastically in popularity in the past 5 years. There is still a place for long, detailed and informative blog posts however micro blogging offers the chance to […]

Affiliate Board by Color Labs Project

The basic principle behind the Affiliate Board theme by Color Labs Project is to make it easy to set up an affiliate program. When it comes to functionality, Affiliate Board offers an easily navigated theme that is simple to set up for the user and easy to use for the consumer looking to purchase affiliate […]

29 Elegant Educational WordPress Themes For Universities And Colleges

A WordPress theme for a university or college should ooze elegance and simplicity. The website should be able to display basic and informative details about the institution while doing so in a clear and direct way. Some educational establishments suffer from trying to incorporate over the top and elaborate designs however if you want some […]

Academy Theme

Udemy WordPress Clone – Academy

If you’re not sure how Academy could work for you, I recommend that you pay a visit to and take a look at a similar site layout in action. Academy features a very similar layout to Udemy, in fact below I will discuss the similarities and differences between Academy and the Udemy website. Are […]

19 Of The Best Job And Employment WordPress Themes

With the number of people looking for work online or thinking of changing their career rising, there has been a growing demand for employment and career focused websites. To help meet this growth, job and employment specific WordPress themes are being created that are perfect for displaying career advice or posting listings for vacancies either […]

MarketerMatt Banner

How I Got My Start in WordPress

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  • Jan 13th, 2014
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Once upon a time, I thought websites were terribly difficult to set up and maintain. Like the average web user, I thought that creating a website required a good deal of knowledge about code or a high tolerance for the terrible designs offered by sites that let you build your own. Being the entrepreneur that […]

Cherry Framework Image

20 Cherry WordPress Themes for Your Business

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  • Jan 13th, 2014
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We are already quite far from ancient Greek times when the Olympic Games showed who is the best. But nowadays the same kind of competition goes in the web. The one who has the best website wins the attendees. And the one with the most attendees rules the world. So everyone does his best to […]

Money and Money Bags

Making Money With WordPress

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  • Jan 10th, 2014
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As I thought about what types of content I wanted to write about on Press Castle, I wanted to do something a bit more unique. Most sites are sufficiently covering news, tutorials and how-tos, snippets, and reviews, so I decided I would dedicate a section of the Press Castle blog to making money with WordPress. […]

Press Castle Logo Blue

Welcome to Press Castle (Beta)

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  • Jan 1st, 2014
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At long last, we are incredibly pleased to announce the beta launch of this new site! WordPress has grown by leaps and bounds over the past years. It has morphed from a simple blogging platform into a full fledged CMS that now powers nearly 20% of the entire internet. Supported by an ever growing […]