Step Right Up and Check Out 30 Best Creative WordPress Themes 2017

Like it or not, but your website is the most important marketing material you have. Thus, if it doesn’t tell your story well, display your products or services, highlight your brand’s mission – then you are losing potential customers for sure. Moreover, there is no time like the present to start taking your website seriously. […]

Safety concept: Painted blue text Website Security on Digital Paper background with Binary Code

Keeping Your WordPress Website Safe From Hackers

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  • Apr 21st, 2016
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WordPress is the most used content management system (CMS) with over 74.6 million websites in the world based off of some type of WordPress theme or platform. This is a stunning number of websites, but the fact that people with virtually no technical skills can easily create and set up a website that looks good […]


Review: The Flavour Theme by ThemeFuse

When building an extravagant restaurant website with all the bells and whistles, a theme such as Flavour from ThemeFuse may just be the best choice. With no external plugins and extensive coding required, you can use this premier restaurant and food café WordPress theme to bedazzle your visitors. The Flavour Restaurant Theme: Good For Everything […]

How To Run A Successful Non-Profit Website With WordPress

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  • Feb 7th, 2015
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I am involved in a non-profit promoting science and as such, I’ve been through the whole process of setting up, running and updating an NGO website. We tried working with a specialized agency and then found out that this money can be spent better elsewhere and we could just run the site ourselves, using only […]

Genesis Framework By Studiopress

The Genesis Framework – The Only One You’ll Ever Need

I’ve been researching themes for a while now and I’ve never been as awestruck as when I first met the Genesis framework. Here I’ll give you some pointers as to why Genesis is the best thing since sliced bread! First, let’s get one thing out of the way – why do we call it “a framework”? […]

How to Run Multiple WordPress Sites From One Database

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  • Sep 1st, 2014
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The Problem: Running Multiple Sites From One WordPress Database My company had a wordpress site running woocommerce with several thousand products. While having a site with so many products was great, we thought there would be a lot of opportunity in creating niche-specific sites surrounding subsets of our products.We determined that the most ideal situation […]

Cyber Chimp Labor Day Coupon! – 40% Off!

CymberChimps, one of the longest standing WP theme companies is having a Labor Day sale this weekend only! If you hurry, you can get anything on their site for 40% off, just use the coupon 40now to get the discount! Again, this sale only lasts for the weekend so get your themes now!

Wrap BootStrap Sale – 50% Off! is having a 50% off sale now through September 8th! Grab one 14 themes for half off!

3 Micro Job Themes for WordPress

Taskerr by AppThemes Taskerr connects people needing jobs done with others willing to do them. Those sellers offer their services at a set price and customers buy them. You profit on each transaction. Get Theme | View Demo TaskerDev by SiteMile TaskerDev is a wordpress theme, for launching a small job/errand or task marketplace. Outsourcing errands and […]

Theme of the Day – Quora by FabThemes

Today’s theme of the day is Quora by FabThemes! This is a completely FREE WordPress theme that has a simple yet elegant, minimalist design. It’s layout doesn’t allow for much flare or clutter which is perfect for anyone wanting a blog that focuses on the content and not on ads or other distractions. In fact, […]

Theme of the Day – Jobify by Astoudify

Jobify is based on the amazing WPJobManager plugin by Mike Jolley. Having gotten to spend quite a bit of time with this plugin over the past few months, we can highly recommend it for anyone wanting to start a job board site using WordPress. The Jobify theme takes this plugin a step further by providing a […]

Department by Obox

Theme of the Day – Department by Obox

Hello, and welcome to our brand new Theme of the Day! Each day, we’ll be highlighting one of our favorite WordPress themes from our vast collection of over 15,000 themes! Today’s theme of the day is Department by Obox. Obox has been in the WP theme game for quite some time and has put together […]

26 WordPress Themes That Are Great For Doctors

Every business needs a website these days and this applies equally to retail stores, a service that will fix your PC as well as your local doctor. There are numerous advantages that come with a WordPress theme that has been tailor-made for doctors and the whole office and its patients can benefit from it. For […]

43 Fantastic Themes For Bands And Music Artists

The internet has provided a great platform for bands and music artists to promote their music, make legions of new fans, and try and get that elusive record deal. Indeed WordPress is one of the best website systems to do this and the themes we have listed here are all designed for bands and individual […]

27 WordPress Themes That Will Improve Your Landing Page And Make Sales

So you have the traffic and targeted leads coming to your website however if your landing page is not effective at turning that traffic into conversions then you are wasting a great deal of potential sales. The themes that we have compiled here will turn a landing page that isn’t reaching its full capability into one […]

80 WordPress Themes That Are Suited To Charities And Non-Profit Organizations

As far as charities and non-profit organizations go, WordPress is one of the best platforms to run the website from. Not only does it allow for implementation of various features but it has wide ranging benefits for the organization as well. If you need a professional, premium theme to suit your charity or non-profit then we have […]

38 WordPress Themes To Showcase Your Resume Online

How can you make yourself stand out from the crowd when applying for a new job? Wear a better suit perhaps, get a new haircut or bring up some interesting facts about yourself during the interview? These are all good ideas however why not consider building an online resume and showcase your skills, experience, and […]

39 WordPress Themes For Pet Lovers

You adore animals, right? But what kind of WordPress theme is going to suit your tastes as a pet lover? Pet’s take up such a large part of our lives and in many ways it is only natural that we should dedicate a blog or a website to them. After all they are part of […]

20 WordPress Themes That Are Perfect For Car Dealers

WordPress is such a diverse platform that you can host virtually any website on it. While the general consensus is that WordPress is exclusively for bloggers and those who work in eCommerce, the fact that is any type of business can use WordPress and this can range from selling self-help eBooks to cars. Even though […]

Ideas Settings

Ideas Theme By AppThemes: A Review

Check out the Ideas theme here! The Ideas theme by AppThemes – not to be confused with the theme of the same name by Themeforest author Imaginem, is a versatile WordPress theme that can be used to gather consumer feedback to better develop your products and ideas. The Ideas theme allows for customers to suggest […]

24 Of The Most Suitable WordPress Themes For Café’s

A common trait among most businesses these days is to have a website. Not only does it serve as a way of marketing and advertising but it also allows for practical information to be displayed as well such as menus, prices and directions. Even though there are an abundance of themes that are aimed at […]