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We’re collective of web-aficionados that share same interest and enjoy doing what we’re best at, which is web development in general and WordPress in specific. As cliche as it may sound, we are devoted to make the web a better place. And we’re going to start by building a WordPress theme shop that deliver a tasty and delicious (our way to say beautiful and functional) WordPress theme. It all started at September 2009 when the idea suddenly popped out (seriously) and from that point, we started to build what you see right now, brick by brick. We launched two free themes before we launched our main site, you know, to get the word out. Both themes, Monokrome and Simplicious set mark on the internet world bearing the ThemeBaker name. Recently, we have proudly become the first theme company to offer our services through PressCastle, the largest directory of WordPress themes on the web! While we work on updating our themes, you can contact us through the contact form.

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