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SplashingPixels has definitely carved out its niche in the eCommerce theme realm for WordPress. There are a myriad of reasons why this is the case but let’s start right here with a few. First off, they have their own innovative theme framework call Splashing Pixels Framework. This creates a very easy to use approach to use all of your theme options and settings. All of their eCommerce themes are mobile ready so no matter what device your customers choose to view your site, they will see your site sized correctly whether they log in from a desk top, smartphone, or tablet. The Custom Maintenance Mode is integrated in such a way that when you turn it on and make any changes or enhancements to your site without the public seeing the changes until you are ready. All of their themes allow you to create unlimited widget configurations, color combinations and they all come with the most popular social media integrations that are easy to use without a 3rd party plugin so you can easily set up your Facebook and Twitter accounts. SlashingPixels themes are all designed for eCommerce use and you will have the ability to use any eCommerce plugin that you want to use. These themes are set up to be as easy as possible for you to have an eCommerce site. No need to look around, because not only did SplashingPixels create some of the best looking and easy to use themes, they priced them to move! (My words, not theirs). All themes are priced at $48 for the personal package and $68 for developers that also include PSD files.