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About MyThemeShop: MyThemeShop is a WordPress themes provider that focuses on responsive, full-featured WordPress themes that are highly customizable. Suitable for bloggers, creative professionals and businesses, MyThemeShop themes are optimized for SEO, speed and ad earnings. The MyThemeShop Advantage MyThemeShop brings some killer features that other theme providers just don’t provide. We’ve all come to expect WordPress themes to includefeatures and options panels. But many theme providers leave it at that, and after the sale, you’re left on your own. MyThemeShop brings premium support with every theme, and all themes are fully customizable. MyThemeShop doesn’t skimp on the features, as all themes are responsive, include the options panel, custom widgets, custom shortcodes, and other theme-specific features like lightboxes and sliders. So, no more tinkering with untested plugins, with MyThemeShop, your theme will just simply work.Plus, all MyThemeShop themes are optimized for speed, SEO and advertising, all without sacrificing readability. So, keep your users happy while making more from ads and ranking higher for your post keywords, all at the same time. I have three words for you. MyThemeShop! Ok, maybe it is one word. I am not trying to split hairs here. This company makes some outstanding themes. Themes that are cool, themes that are clean, or to use their words…Themes that rock! The first thing I do when I look for a theme company to use is to look at their own site and how it is put together. MyThemeShop is easy to navigate, informative and just down right sweet. All of their themes have responsive design, HTML5 and CSS3, custom widgets, premium support, options panel, shortcode and are translation ready. MyThemeShop has just recently hit a milestone that very few WP theme companies will ever hit and that is the 20,000 customer mark. 20k! That is a very impressive number and congrats to them. They even list some of their current users. Companies like Naldz Graphics, Smashing Hub, Slodive, CSSReflex and Creativefan. And lastly, as a follower of many WP theme company blogs, I would have to say that MyThemeShop is definitely one of the ones that I enjoy getting updates from. I never miss a new release and the content is informative and to the point. This company has firmly planted itself and one of the premier WP companies out there and you could not have a better starting point on your WP journey or enhance your web presence than right here with MyThemeShop.