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MintThemes is another fantastic company that creates premium WordPress themes. They pride themselves on their original designs. Each one is hand crafted with particular attention paid to pixel perfection and the most minute detail. They try to create designs that you typically do not find anywhere else. Another goal of MintThemes is to keep is simple. Have you ever heard the phrase KISS…Keep It Simple Sir (okay, I changed the last word to protect the innocent). MintThemes has a passion for creating and writing code so people like us can just worry about using it. They create theme so simple that they just actually work. Support is another area that the good folks at MintThemes like to take pride in. They want to provide exceedingly fast customer service and support. They like to put themselves in our shoes and provide that level of service. Fast, helpful and efficient. They won’t put the website together for you, they will take the time to help you get pointed in the right direction. They provide a variety of theme types including band, business, church, eCommerce, music, photography and portfolio. All hand crafted and absolutely stunning. And in the likely event that you have a hard time choosing a theme, they have an all in one package that is too good to pass up. You can get the developer bundle which is all of their current and future themes for the low price of $169! You also have the option of buying the themes individually and very often they run promotions to bundle their most popular themes.