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20 Cherry WordPress Themes for Your Business

We are already quite far from ancient Greek times when the Olympic Games showed who is the best. But nowadays the same kind of competition goes in the web. The one who has the best website wins the attendees. And the one with the most attendees rules the world. So everyone does his best to make the website catchy.

But what can really attract the visitors and make them choose your website out of tones of others? It needs to be well-organized, have up-to-date look, be really handy and user-orientated, also be compatible to mobile devices and more, and more, and more… The more nuances you will take into consideration the more visitors you will get.

Now you may think that it is hard to consider all the details when you need to create a website from the very beginning. And you should admit that creating a website from scratch can be a pretty expensive and time-consuming process. So to have opportunity to concentrate your attention on details and polishing you may use a pre-designed template and build you website with a free CMS like WordPress.

Advantages of WordPress over other CMS.

To list everything WP could do here would literally make this page too large to load. To cut a long story short, it is absolutely perfect for the beginners, those webmasters who want to operate the website themselves but have just started mastering web technologies. It is fast and user-orientated. Moreover, you can find dozens of free or low-cost plugins, so that you can easily adjust the template to the perfect image of your personal website. In a nutshell, WordPress is giving you control over your own content.

Save your Energy and Money with a Ready-Made WordPress Theme

Some may say think that building your website from scratch will make it perfect and unique. Yes, it will be 100% unmatchable, but it will need efforts to make it perfect. With all the plugins and functions affordable you can easily have your ready-made theme match your expectations. It will definitely cost you less and your website will go live within several days.

I have decided to list for you 20 of our best themes! Here are some of the advantages of our themes over other’s.


All of the templates are based on the Cherry framework, which makes them easier to handle.


As more and more people use their mobile devices to get all the necessary information, you need to be sure that your website is mobile-ready. These ones are.

Licensed Images

Along with the theme you also get the images that go with it for free. (This isn’t true of all providers.) Although if you feel like replacing them, it’s an easy thing to do.

The Biggest Provider

All the templates in this post are provided by the biggest and oldest provider in the internet – This means you will receive 24/7 support and assistance in maintaining your theme.

So here are 20 themes we have chosen for you. Just go ahead and choose whatever you’d like.

White Security – Insurance Company WordPress Theme

Looks firm and secure. Just show your clients you do care of them.

Insurance With Benefits WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Fresh View – Landscape Design WordPress Theme

To make a real masterpiece out of plain land plot. It is hard to imagine how it can look like. So just share your works with your clients with the help of this theme.

Landscape Design Alive WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Changes Within – Family Psychology WordPress Theme

Those who have problems and are seeking for help want to be healed. They need to feel they are not alone with their problem and there are people who are eager to help them. The color scheme and design of the theme aims at instilling comfort and making people believe they come to the right place.

Family Psychologist WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Bon Appetit – Restaurant WordPress Theme

Bright and catchy, this theme will definitely attract you lots of clients.

Good Restaurant WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Building Solutions – Construction Projects WordPress Theme

What is built on a proper foundation is going to be stable. Both physically and with a theme such as this.

Construction Projects WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Trust and Stability – Financial Company WordPress Theme

A fantastic navigation design, a well-organized structure, and this color scheme will gain trust for your company from the first glance.

Financial Consultant WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Sweet Land – Confectionary Shop WordPress Theme

No one would be able to resist cakes, cupcakes, biscuits, pastries and other confection!

Cute Sweet Shop WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Latest News – News Portal WordPress Theme

Sharing the latest, hottest news along with popular photos is easy to do with this theme.

Interesting News Portal WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Luxury and Stylish – Limousine Services WordPress Theme

Designed in light grey with simple black elements, this theme looks stylish and reserved, just as a limousine service should.

Limousine Services Ready-to-Use WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Sunny Bright – Volleyball WordPress Theme

Display recent volleyball events, news, services, photos, and videos with this bright theme.

Flat Volleyball WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Light Solutions – IT Company WordPress Theme

A snow-white theme highlighted with grey and red elements. It’s minimalistic feel is definitely stylish. It would be a perfect theme for those who run an IT business.

IT Company WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Growing Crops – Farm Industry WordPress Theme

On a dark grey color scheme, the pictures of fruits and vegetables look even more appealing and juicy. It is the best choice for those who run a farming business.

Farm Industry WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Light Green – Golf Club WordPress Theme

Sport events need to be well organized. This theme makes it easy.

Golf Club WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Glossy and Fashionable – Photographer WordPress Theme

A successful photographer needs to run a website to showcase his or her portfolio. This theme can do that, and is also looks fashionable and professional.

Fashionable Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Easy Building – Construction Industry WordPress Theme

Your clients can easily find what they are looking for with this easily editable theme.

Effective Construction WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Open Heart – Health Care Agency WordPress Theme

Caring means giving the warmth of your heart to those who need it. This theme will show your clients what you can do for them.

Motivational Rehabilitation WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Fair Deal – Marketing WordPress Theme

Clean white theme with simple fonts. This one is minimalistic and clean. It would be perfect for a marketing and/or sales business.

Smooth Marketing Agency WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Smooth Coral – Design Agency WordPress Theme

The theme is designed in warm coral and yellow colors highlighted with grey elements. Simple fonts and a stylish menu make it look original and creative.

Design Agency WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Black and Yellow – Taxi Service WordPress Theme

A taxi theme that will suit any taxi company whether an individual driver or a fleet.

Taxi Services WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Creative White – Advertising Company WordPress Theme

Bright colors alway look great on white background. This theme is bright, fancy, and creative. It could be a good choice for an advertising agency.

Advertising Agency WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo