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Red, Tan

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Accordion, Custom Post Types, Shortcodes, revolution slider, Related Posts, Theme Options Panel, Contact Form, Documentation, Lightbox, Translation Ready, Slider


Grid, Responsive, Fixed

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Product Description

A Super Skeleton Theme: 100% More Awesome!

Welcome to Syncro (version 2.0.7 now available)! : An feature-rich, easy-to-use responsive WordPress theme built on the popular Super Skeleton theme system (with a community of over 10,000 users). It’s designed for users, not geeks – all by a couple brothers in Southern California who just loves making rockin’ WP themes for other folks. WP 3.5 Ready!

Developers’ Note: 100% Gimmick free promise. We build all of our themes to the highest WordPress standards… that means you shouldn’t ever need to change you usual WP publishing workflow to use our themes… just keep on blogging, designing, and creating and our theme will pick up where you leave off!

Why buy from us?

Frequent updates & new features are created directly from user feedback
Over 10,000 Super Skeleton theme users and developers
Rock solid commitment to customer support
We believe that usable, standards complaint, customizable themes are the way of the future

Setup on this theme shouldn’t take longer than a couple minutes. Just in case though, there’s videos and some super easy to follow written instructions.

What’s Included?

uSquare Responsive Grid
uSquare is a WordPress responsive squared grid that can display your content in a unique and interesting way. You can use it for displaying team members, products, services, designs, blog posts or anything else that comes to your mind. Check out the backend, options, and get additional information here

Revolution Slider
Easy to use – Full Width & Fixed Width Sliders with tons of options. Custom slider for each page or post on your site. Built on the popular Revolution Slider from CodeCanyon.

Category Sliders
Easy to use – No obnoxious settings panel – just set the category, and the theme will do the rest. Calls the most recent posts for any category. Integrated navigation so you can scroll through related posts for those categories.

A truly unique WordPress experience.
Focused on usability and a simple publishing workflow. Designer for people, not geeks. No extra layers of CMS. WordPress works the way you expect it to; we don’t load on tons of extra layers of management tools. No special knowledge or documentation required (although VERY thorough documentation and a library of videos are included).

No Custom Post Types!
All based on WP best practices: Simple blog posts, featured images, and categories. You can use your existing blog content. You can take your content with you when you want to switch themes later on.

Post & Page Sliders
Single image version Multiple image version Select from multiple transition effects. Auto-play/pause controls Easy to use interface

“Open” Shortcodes(meaning, you can take them with you later on)
Accordions Tabbed Content Buttons Maps Document Viewer (for inline PDFs, etc.) Videos Simple Multi-Column Layouts Inline Twitter Feeds

Integrated Typekit(for access to 10,000+ fonts, including the entire Adobe Fonts Library).
Requires an account.

Google-Fonts Ready (as an alternative to Typekit) All of the SuperSkeletonPage Templates (14 and counting)
7 Portfolio template combinations 9 Blog template combinations 3 Page templates

Powerful, Easy to Use Theme Manager based on OptionTree
Skin-Builder allows you to skin the entire theme in seconds. Logo & Image Uploader Thumbnail Cropping Controls Turn elements on/off (such as the footer widgets, tophat, and more)

Responsive Design Videos Content Audio Content Map Content Contact Forms Serious, Hardcore, Customer Supportat Ticksy
Join the community of over 10,000 other SuperSkeleton theme users. Access all theme updates, freebies, and other perks of being one of our buyers. 1-to-1 human customer support Access to the theme-customization network for help with advanced projects.

Fully Responsive WordPress Theme
Touch sensitive slider & other mobile specific features
SEO / SEM – Search Engine Optimized and Ready for Marketing
The Super Skeleton UI Kit (Exclusive Freebie PSD)
Fully internationalized and ready for translation!
Individual Skinnable PSD files for all major UI elements
Organized CSS files, including easy to use Media-Queries sections.
Non-Obtrusive Javascript. All major site elements work even on old browsers.
Extensive Documentation

Tell Me About the Features Man!

Brand spankin’ new category rows with exclusive content organization
Filterable Portfolio/Gallery system
The Skeleton Slider: A Responsive Slider system – Powerful, customizable carousel slider with tons of transition effects and complete control over timing, auto play, etc.
Custom post/page features: captions, sliders, galleries, etc.
Responsive Videos… at last!
30 “core” shortcodes (the usual: buttons, videos, maps, documents, tables, accordions, tabs, sliders, elves, trolls, wizards, etc.)
The Basix: lightbox, image overlay effects, compliantly coded CSS3 (coded to work or degrade gracefully on old browsers), form elements, brandable admin panel, etc. Everything you would expect from a premium HTML framework…
A Host of new responsive features not seen in previous SS themes (including a new Skeleton Slider system).
Dynamic Sidebar spaces.
A responsive “To the Top” plugin, perfect for long pages on cell phones.

Oh, and it’s FAST! The finished theme loads in under 0.8 seconds (when hosted with a reliable hosting service like WPEngine).

There’s a dedicated support forum based on the super cool Ticksy support system! Just file a ticket and we’ll get back to you pronto!

Let’s Hear About the Rest!

Syncro for WordPress is responsive (try resizing your browser)… that means that it’ll flex to fit massive screens, or itty bitty iPhone screens (and everything in between). Touch gestures even work on the slider!

Syncro is the one of our “Super Skeleton” themes, which feature an incredibly powerful responsive framework, capable of doing layout gymnastics without the need for you to think hard about it. Add your content the way you normally would to a kick-ass WordPress theme, the theme will do the rest for you.

Syncro is more than a WordPress theme, it’s a comprehensive HTML5 framework and it includes a full templating system as well; A collection of several incredibly powerful scripts and CSS structures that’s been tied together into a kit that’s perfect as a jumping off point of your next project.

We’ve got SEO and other fancy search engine optimization tricks baked into the theme as well… so it’ll get crawled well and people can find ya easier! There’s even some social stuff included as well! It’s all built on the SuperSkeleton theme system – a robust, flexible, magically delicious system that’s collected nearly 6,000 sales in just a couple months!

Oh, and the markup, it’s fully standards compliant and written in a way that’s easy to understand. No messy naming silliness… just simple, semantic class names that anyone can understand within minutes. Heck, it’s based on the popular, so unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know this is going to be pretty simple to use.

Syncro is well organized. Take what you love, leave what you don’t, customize the rest. It’s completely in your hands – turn it into the next big thing, or just as your little personal projects, it’s up to you.

Perfect for business sites, restaurants, etsy, corporate, church, gyms, personal, restaurant, SEO sites, software, apps, video games, design studios, architecture, creative, agencies, executives, photographers, creatives, bloggers, illustrators, painters, artists, and more! 100% Bloat Free Theme!

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Red, Tan

Popular Features

Accordion, Custom Post Types, Shortcodes, revolution slider, Related Posts, Theme Options Panel, Contact Form, Documentation, Lightbox, Translation Ready, Slider


Grid, Responsive, Fixed

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