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Professional Services is a responsive WordPress app theme for businesses. It’s good for financial services, consulting firms, marketing, advertising and promoting services, attorneys, contractors, or any service-based business website.

Your business website will be automatically set up when you activate this theme. You’ll have a place to show off your services, introduce your staff, announce sales or events, tell about your business, a functioning Contact form, a place for visitors to give reviews about your business, and more… all at the click of the “Activate” button. NO TECHNICAL SKILLS REQUIRED!


Professional Services is an app theme. No need to set up WordPress plugins, categories, menus, pages, or do any coding. Smartest Themes do all of that for you. You enter your business info, and the theme will create any necessary pages and menus. (You have the option of disabling the smart functionality and use this as a regular WordPress theme.)


Microdata for rich snippets make your website look good to the search engines. This theme uses HTML5-valid microdata from, as recommended by Google (, Yahoo!, and Bing. Once you get your first review, your site gets stars in Google search results.

If you decide you don’t want to use reviews, you still have the following microdata:

1. Business microdata on the Home page and the Contact page. You’ll get LocalBusiness microdata, unless you specify one of the following types:

Professional Service, Accounting Service, Attorney, Dentist, Electrician, Financial Service, General Contractor, House Painter, Insurance Agency, Locksmith, Notary, Plumber, Roofing Contractor.

2. Person microdata on each staff member page.

Smart SEO meta tags help you climb the search engine results list. They conform to each page, show different meta tags for different types of pages, add page numbers to archive pages, and tell search bots not to index paged archive pages. (Paged archive pages can appear as duplicate content, so indexing them would hurt your ranking.)


If you decide to stop using Professional Services theme, use our free plugin, Quick Business Website, to preserve your custom functionality and carry it over to any regular WordPress theme.


Built-in contact form keeps you connected to your customers. By default, messages are sent to the administrator email. You have the option to have them sent to a different email. The form includes both jQuery client-side and PHP server-side validation to avoid spam. The contact form will appear on the Contact page automatically. The following will also appear on the Contact page, if you enter it with your business info: business address, phone number, fax number, email address, Google map, and business hours.


** Smart Sidebars – 7 Widget Areas **

Different pages automatically show different things on the sidebar. A Staff page sidebar shows a list of ‘All Staff’. A Service page sidebar shows a list of ‘All Services’. A News (Announcements) page sidebar shows ‘Recent News’.

The Home page has 3 footer widget areas which automatically accommodate your preferences. By default, it shows ‘Latest News’, ‘Featured Services’, and ‘Testimonials’. But, for example, if you disable Reviews, then the ‘Testimonials’ will be replaced by something else (such as your business slogan, if you entered one).

All of this widget stuff happens automatically, without you dealing with Widgets in the WordPress dashboard. But should you choose to, you can set them up any way you like in “Appearance – Widgets”. You’ll see the 7 widget areas: that’s 3 custom sidebar widget areas, 3 home page footer widget areas, and the default blog widget area for regular blog pages.

You’ll also see the 6 Smartest Themes widgets:

1. Featured Services
2. All Services List
3. Featured Announcements
4. Latest News
5. All Staff List
6. Testimonials

** Style Choices **

You can change the accent and button color (, change the site’s header and footer color, change the background color and texture (17 neat background textures included), or upload your own background image. You can change the fonts and font-colors, change the footer text, and add custom CSS. You can change the pale, semi-translucent social follow buttons for regular-colored social media buttons. If you don’t have a business logo to upload, you can create a multi-colored text-based logo by choosing one of the 25 included logo fonts (

** Social Networks **

The footer shows links to your business social profiles. Each staff member’s page shows links to their own social profiles. In order to preserve privacy, this is not automatic. Social links will only show up if you enter them with your business info, or with the staff member’s info. In addition, social sharing buttons will appear at the bottom of pages to allow people to “Like” to Facebook, “Tweet” to Twitter, and “+1” to Google Plus.

** Home Page Slideshow – No Fuss **

Your home page automatically has a strongmobile-responsive/strong picture slider including 3 free Business-Themed images. If this suits you, do nothing. Or, you can upload your own images, or remove the slider altogether. Even if you remove the slider, the included images remain in your Media Library for you to use in other posts. They are in the public domain (free to use as you wish).

** Newspaper Icon For News **
If an Announcement (News) post does not have a featured image, a newspaper icon will show up as its featured image on the News page and in the Featured Announcements widget. (See the icon at

** Mobile Responsive **
Handyman Contractor theme looks good on any size screen. This is important because people search for businesses on their cellphones.

** Create Tables Easily **
Table-editing buttons help you easily create and edit tables. This makes it easy to make a price-list for your services.

** Add Custom Scripts **
You can paste scripts, such as your Google Analytics script, into the options panel without touching your source code.

** CSS Extras – click to preview **
Notification Message Boxes (
Button Colors (
Columns in groups of 2, 3, or 4 (

** Back-end Branding **
Back-end branding is important if you use this theme for a client. You can replace the Smartest Themes logo (which appears in the Smartest Themes options panel). You can change the WordPress Admin footer text, or remove it completely. You can also remove the WordPress links from the top left of the admin/tool bar (although we find those to be quite useful!). If you upload a logo, the site’s login page will show your logo with a link to your home page, instead of showing “WordPress” linking to WordPress. If you don’t upload a logo, the WP login page will show your site’s name with a link to your home page.


Smartest Themes are self-explanatory and easy to use. Instruction guides ( are available to walk you through tasks. In addition to support via Creative Market, this item includes access to our theme-specific Support Forums at the Smartest Themes website (


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