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Custom Post Types, Shortcodes, Theme Options Panel, Contact Form, Documentation, Custom Widgets, Twitter Integration, jQuery, Google Analytics, Google Map, Translation Ready, Slider



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Product Description

Born is a Church WordPress Theme aimed at making your new church website the best one on the block! Feel free to send me feature requests if you feel I’ve missed something!

v2.2 Update

Big stylistic refresh! Lots of bug fixes

Theme Features

Ready for WordPress 3.4+! Change the colors, font and background image in seconds! Fully working AJAX Contact Form with spam protection Custom Widgets and a huge admin panel for customizations Four custom post types: Events, Videos, Audio and Galleries. All of which you can use to build out the homepage slider. Clean, commented code and fancy jQuery makes this template a blast to browse through. Layered PSD for more detailed customization Extensive documentation

Check out all of my church-based themes:


v2.1 Update

WordPres 3.5 ready! More bug fixes

v1.7 & v1.8

Bug fixes


NEWBrand new homepage slider functionality. MUCH easier to create now. NEWAdded audio playback support for iOS and Android devices NEW – Added option to hide the times for specific events NEW – Add option to countdown widget to display dark text (for light backgrounds) NEW – Using Flash audio player for desktop browsers NEW – Moved stylesheet so it’s editable from the WordPress edit screen NEW – Created a “Homepage” template for SEO support NEW – Added thumbnails to page/post management screens FIXFixed all of the timezone issues! (fixes countdown and event pages) FIXEvents will now still show up in Upcoming if their end date is in the future FIX – Language file additions FIX – 404 page content now allows HTML FIX – Automatically choose all categories in widgets (when no categories are selected)


NEW – Hide footer map zone on a per page basis NEW – Added field for Google Analytics code BUG FIX – Fix the “Show Big Image” checkbox BUG FIX – WordPress 3.4 Fixes


NEW – 3 new font choices NEW – You can now add pages to the slider NEW – Now allows Youtube short urls (i.e. BUG FIX – Fixed some video/audio playback issues in the slider


NEW – 12/24 hour clock option NEW – Set the Google Map zoom level NEW – Choose an event category for the Event Countdown widget NEW – Option to upload image to replace the Event Countdown Widget image NEW – Month names are now localized to your language


NEW – Localization files now included with the theme! Feel free to translate to your heart’s content! NEW – Language setting for the Event Countdown display. You can choose between, English, French, Spanish, German and Italian. NEW – You can now change the secondary color (yellow) to anything you’d like!


BUG FIX: Events will now go away in the countdown timer when the time is 00 00 00… (on refresh), this requires the timezone setting within WordPress to be set BUG FIX: Shortcodes and line breaks are now working in the Born Text Widget and Intro Text Blocks BUG FIX: Parent navigation elements are now “active” when a subpage is selected BUG FIX: When selecting the option (Hide “Posted by…” throughout the site?), the Recent Blog posts widget also follows this setting BUG FIX: Fixed the photo gallery corners


NEW: Made it possible to link to external audio files. NEW: Made the “action” button only show up on hover in the slider. NEW: Now allowing a featured image to be set on the Upcoming/Past Events templates. BUG FIX: Left sidebar template fix.


NEW: Added the option to hide the “Posted by…” text. NEW: New audio player for IE8 and other browsers without HTML5 audio capabilities. BUG FIX: Fixed an AM/PM issue with the event countdown widget. BUG FIX: Fixed the “Show Big Image” bug BUG FIX: Fixed “image frame” issue.


NEW: Added option to show featured image or map on the Contact template. NEW: Added option to hide post meta information (Posted by…) throughout the site. NEW: Added “current page” styling to the main navigation. NEW: Added the option to hide breadcrumbs throughout the site. BUG FIX: Fixed the complete lack of image styling on pages/posts. (Whoops!) BUG FIX: If a featured image isn’t set on a homepage slider post, Born will now show a default one that informs the user to actually set one. Still working perfectly in the brand new WordPress 3.3!

v1.0.8 and v1.0.7 Updates

NEW: Combined date/time functionality into the datepicker for events. A HUGELY requested feature and it works really well for those countdown timer fans! BUG FIX: The small v1.0.8 update fixed a bug where if you were hiding the button in the slider, it would hide it in other areas as well. This has been fixed. BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where it would not show the current event in the countdown widget BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where events with start time/end times weren’t wrapping right in the widget. BUG FIX: Fixed a post thumbnail issue in the “Recent Posts” widget.


NEW: Added option to “Hide Contact Block/Map” in the footer NEW: Added option per Event to show the “Map” or the “Featured Image” BUG FIX: Slider prev/next button issue BUG FIX: Fixed the contact form Also Updated the documentation for more clarity. Tested and working in WP 3.3 beta4!


BUG FIX: Fixed the dropdown issues in IE7 BUG FIX: Fixed some jQuery conflicts with certain plugins BUG FIX: Fixed a slider bug when a link was not provided.


NEW: Added a new upgrade script for easier upgrading! NEW: Added ”# Comments” to meta information under Post titles. NEW: Added thumbnails to posts NEW: Added options to hide Like, Tweet and Plus buttons. BUG FIX: Made the “Recent Posts” widget not show a php error when you forget to select categories. BUG FIX: Fixed the “Media” widget to allow pulling of individual media types. BUG FIX: Changed “Event Archive” page template to “Past Events” and added an “Upcoming Events” template to avoid confusion.


NEW: Replace widget area with a page on the homepage. NEW: Added a favicon upload option. BUG FIX: Fixed a Twitter button issue. BUG FIX: Fixed Google map bubble issue.

Need Support?

Thanks for purchasing one of my files, it’s greatly appreciated! Support for all my items is done through the Scheetz Designs Ticksy support system. Sign in quickly with Facebook or Twitter—or register manually—and give me a shout!

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Popular Features

Custom Post Types, Shortcodes, Theme Options Panel, Contact Form, Documentation, Custom Widgets, Twitter Integration, jQuery, Google Analytics, Google Map, Translation Ready, Slider



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