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OpenDoor theme Support

For support, we recommend going to the OpenDoor Support Forum.

Fully Responsive

This theme looks great on all size devices ranging from small phones to large monitors. Scan these QR codes on your mobile phone to see:

About OpenDoor

OpenDoor is the long awaited followup on the hugely successful OpenHouse/Automotiv theme bundle (over 6,900 sales!) We have retained all of the best Openhouse features, and built on them, plus added lots of new features. OpenDoor combines both real estate and car sales into a single theme, where you can switch between the two in Theme Options. (step 1 of setup is to choose which mode: Real Estate, or Car Sales.)

Differences between OpenDoor and Openhouse/Automotiv

Pretty much all of the best features of Openhouse/Automotiv have been ported over to OpenDoor. But there are some notable differences. The following are features OpenDoor has that OpenHouse/Automotiv doesn’t.

OpenDoor is Responsive. (view on a mobile device to see it change layout)
Has more layout and appearance options. (independent control over header, footer, background colors/images), change header height, etc.
Has more homepage widget areas, and option for latest blog posts
Allows you to easily add your own image-less banner types in Theme Options. Even define a color tip for each banner type.
Has option to choose between row or grid layout for search results, browse by results, and latest listings. (the one setting applies to all 3 places)
Has option for full width homepage slideshow OR smaller slideshow next to search.
Has more search parameters. And each search parameter can be included or excluded in Theme Options.
‘Browse by’ feature is now grouped along with the search, instead of in the menu bar
Secondary small header menu bar at top right of header
More advanced homepage slideshow. Slideshow expands to full width of site.
Both real estate mode (standard and dsIDXpress version) and car dealer mode, are built into this single theme. No more separate versions for me to maintain.
Mark a listing as ‘Sold’, and then have site filter out all sold listings from the site without you needing to Delete the listing.
Have a page of all ‘Sold’ listings.
Better translation support. Now no more .po and .mo requirement. Do all your language translations in Theme Options, in the same section you would customize text in a single language. See documentation to explain how this is done. (documentation is in demo secondary menu bar)
Documentation is now a public Google Docs document, where you can post comments if you find something is inclear or missing. To post comments, you must be logged into your Google account. But you don’t need a Google account to view the documentation.

Notable Features (For both Real Estate and Car Dealership mode)

New in v1.4: Listing detail pages can now have comments
New in v1.4: Option to hide search
New in v1.4: Option for either full width homepage slideshow OR smaller slideshow next to the Search/Browse by accordions. Sample for Real Estate, Sample for car dealership
New in v1.3: re-designed gallery view in listing detail page
New in v1.3: Option to have blog/news items displayed in rows rather than in a grid
New in v1.3: Embeded video in widgets now responsive
New in v1.3: better multilanguage support (many things previously not translatable now are)
Compatible with OpenHouse/Automotiv. If you are coming from OpenHouse or Automotiv, then changing to OpenDoor is a breeze. All your current Openhouse listings will easily carry over to this theme, so you will not need to re-post them. The only little thing is that all “banners” will need to be re-chosen in each listing, as the architecture for banners is totally different.
Fully responsive. Looks great on all screen sizes ranging from small phone to large monitor. Scan QR Code above with your phone to see. (Note: if you use the dsIDXpress plugin, then pages generated by it are not responsive. Not my fault!)
Robust Theme Options and Posting backend (for listings).See video.
Advanced search. Each search dropdown can shown or hidden
Search results, recent listings, etc. can display in 2 ways: blocks of 3 per row, or 1 per row.
Compare listings. Check the boxes next to each search result and compare them all side by side. Maximum of 5. (Not in dsIDXpress plugin search results)
Easily customizable. Customize header height, header color/image, background color/image, footer color/image, and more.
Homepage can include one or all 3 of these areas: Latest Listings, Latest blog posts, and widgetized block (up to 3 widgetized areas). The order of these areas can be set in Theme Options.
Call To Action section. Under slideshow on homepage are optional Call to Action buttons. Customizable in Theme Options. Note: each call to action block is an image, so it is not translatable.
Translation-ready (qTranslate plugin required) No .po or .mo files necessary! Only things NOT translation-ready is the banner text, and Loan Calculator (in Real Estate mode).
Mark a listing as ‘Sold’ and have the ability to filter out all Sold listings from all places in site.
Page Template to show all ‘Sold’ listings.
Social networking: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, and Pinterest. Include/exclude any of them from Theme Options.
Order search results page interactively
Enter a custom text to replace the price. For example: “Call for Price”, or “As low as $250,000”. Text is set on a post-by-post basis.
Enter a “price reduced by” amount for each listing. If done, then a green down arrow will appear next to the price, with a tool tip showing how much the price is reduced by.
Unlimited Color Scheme choices, in Theme Options.
Optional Login form for people to post their own listings
Lots of great slideshow transitions. Simple fade is the default but you can get as crazy as you like!
Video support in the listing detail page (opens in lightbox when thumbnail is clicked)
Define unlimited types of banners in Theme Options. Each banner can even have a custom color tip.
Loan Calculator (can be removed in Theme Options)
Custom Shortcodes (Accordion, responsive columns, buttons, and more)
Lots of widgetized areas. 4 on homepage, one on each sub page side bar, and 4 in footer.
Custom page templates
Customize the wording of any section title, label, static text, etc. in Theme Options. Even in multiple languages without the need for .po and .mo files.
Live and always up to date documentation in the form of a Google Docs public document. Ability to “comment” inside the documentation if you thing something needs clarification, or if there is an error.
HTML 5, CSS3 enhancements
Upload only one large image, and theme will take care of resizing/cropping for display throughout site in different sizes. (No dependency on problematic timthumb.php script for this to work)
Top notch support via Themeforest comments, email, and support forum. (Forum is highly encouraged so others will benefit)

Notable Features (Specific to Real Estate mode)

New in v1.3: Option for “VAT” (value added tax) after price
Search by the following parameters: location, buy/rent, beds, baths, min price, max price, property type, commercial/residential, openhouse, year built, size, lot size, garage spaces, and MLS number. All of these can be included or excluded in the search form. So it can be as simple or detailed as you require.
Search results Google Map. Shows pins for the current pages results right on map. Click map to see infowindow with details and click to see full detail page. (Option to disable this feature)
Google Map option in slideshow area. In the homepage slideshow area, you now have the option to show all your listings on a Google Map. (This is an alternative to showing latest listings or plain images)
Dual agent support. Listings can have up to 2 agents attached to it. Add Agents via the Agent post type. Agent ‘Page Template’ will display all Agents on a page. Click on an Agent to see more info, like bio, and listings.
Related listings section on detail page (related by Property Type)
“Open House” date and time. Self manages itself… does not display once Open House date expires
Google Map and Street View on listing detail page.
Optional MLS listings support, with dsIDXpress ( Replace the standard listings search with the dsIDXpress search widget. Or include BOTH standard listings search AND dsIDXpress search widget.
Browse listings instead of searching by using the “Browse By” feature. Browse By Location, Features, Property Type, Location, Price Range, or Rent/Buy.
Option to have a second level of location search. See demo for an example. Select a State from the list and see a secondary location appear under it. With a little easy coding, you can extend it to unlimited levels of locations.
Optional secondary logo in top right (for example, the broker’s logo)
Upload your own map marker image in Theme Options
Contact form on each listing page. Optionally have form sent to specific Agent. (if Agent is specified for a listing)

Notable Features (Specific to Car Dealership mode)

Search by the following parameters: manufacturer, model, min price, max price, body type, model year, mileage, transmission, engine size, fuel type, and dealer location. All of these can be included or excluded in the search form. So it can be as simple or detailed as you require.
Optional and/or support. Have your listings automatically get posted to and/or This is not a “feature” of the theme, but rather I have partnered with a third party developer who can set this up for you for a fee. Please email for details.
Related listings section on detail page (related by Body Type)
Browse listings instead of searching by using the “Browse By” feature. Browse By Manufacturer, Body Type, Model Year, Engine Size, and more.
Option to have a “model” search dropdown appear when you choose a Manufacturer. See demo for an example.
Contact form on each listing page.
VIN detail output (optional) Output data on detail page from a VIN number (Vehicle Identification Number). See a listing detail page for an example. Note: An account at is required. VIN numbers are for passenger cars and light trucks manufacturered for North American markets 1981 to present.
Sales Staff “Custom Post Type” and Page template. See demo for an example.

Get updates via Google+ or Twitter

2 ways to get notifications on updates, bug fixes, theme news, etc.


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Green, Red, Tan

Popular Features

Accordion, Custom Theme Options, Shortcodes, Theme Options Panel, Contact Form, Documentation, Lightbox, Google Map, Advanced Search


Grid, Responsive

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