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Elegant Themes is hands down the more popular theme company on the web. They boast over 180,000 customers and have very few restrictions on the use of their themes. Designers and developers are free to use these themes on as many personal or client projects as they want with no restrictions. And if this social proof and usability wasn't enough, a membership with Elegant Themes is only $39 PER YEAR! And we're talking FOR EVERYTHING!. You can get access to over 75 of the highest quality themes that come fully equipped with options pages, SEO features, dozens of shortcodes, and multiple page templates for just $39/year or around 50 cents per theme which is pretty much the best deal you will find for WP themes out there. To put the icing on the cake, Elegant Themes has a wide range of themes as well. They have ones for magazine-type sites and personal blogs of course, but they also have some more unique ones such as InReview which is a review based theme and AskIt which is a question based theme. They also have a Real Estate theme and a Directory theme as well - and all of these come as part of the package for just $39/year. Incredible.